Invisaband mosquito bracelet: 100 hour vampire protection

Imagine if you are going camping or fishing. The mosquitoes. You can, of course, go to the old joke that “do not take the bus!”. But then why drive? Remedy for mosquitoes.

And most likely it will be a spray repellent. You will be able to fly over you. And then the rain suddenly. Bad luck, the spray was flushed. And small vampires – they are right there. Inefficient, you choose, in return. And now a little theory. It is a mosquito repellent. There is another, much more powerful tool for protection against mosquitoes. Geranium. It is a good idea to choose a flower. It is much easier to use.

Mosquito repellent bracelet Invisaband

It will stop you from attacking you for a hundred hours. In other words, protection from evil spirits is provided.

Yes, exactly 100 hours, more than four days. Anti-mosquito bracer Invisaband more effective than other repellents many times. In addition, if you haven’t been in the water, it’s not. Besides, Invisaband It is not necessary to wear on the arm. Hang it up on the bag or backpack, or above the parking lot during a hike.


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