Invisible Death: The Story of the Snapshots

A good sniper does not have to be a regular soldier. This simple postulate was well understood by the Red Army fighters who participated in the 1939 Winter War. One good shot also does not make a man a sniper. Luck is very important in war. Only the true skill of a fighter who knows how to hit a target at a great distance, from an unaccustomed weapon or from an uncomfortable position possesses a greater price.

Sniper has always been an elite warrior. Not everyone can bring up the character of such a force. Inspired by Clint Eastwood’s new biopic about the most effective sniper of America, we decided to make a material about his colleagues – the best shooters from around the world.


The best snipers in history

Carlos Hatchcock

Like many American teenagers from the provinces, Carlos Hatchcock dreamed of joining the army. The 17-year-old boy, in whose cowboy’s hat a white feather was sticking cinematically, was greeted in the barracks with smiles. The very first training ground, taken by Carlos with a swoop, turned the chuckles of his colleagues into reverent silence. The guy was not just a talent – Carlos Hatchcock was born into the world solely for the sake of accurate shooting. 1966 the young fighter met already in Vietnam.
There are only a hundred dead on his formal account. The memoirs of Hatchcock’s surviving colleagues feature significantly larger numbers. This could have been attributed to a fully explainable boast of the fighters if it were not for the enormous amount exposed by North Vietnam for its head. But the war ended – and Hatchcock went home, not having received a single injury. He died in his bed, before he was only 57 years old.

Simo Hayha

This name became a symbol of war for both participating countries at once. For the Finns, Simo was a true legend, the personification of the god of vengeance itself. In the ranks of the fighters of the Red Army, the patriot sniper was named the White Death. For several months of the winter of 1939-1940, the shooter destroyed more than five hundred enemy soldiers. The incredible level of skill Simo Hyahya emphasizes the weapon he used: an M / 28 rifle with an open sight.

Lyudmila Pavlyuchenko

309 enemy soldiers on the account of the Russian sniper Lyudmila Pavlyuchenko make her one of the best shooters in the history of world wars. A girl from childhood, Lyudmila rushed to the front from the very first days of the invasion of the German invaders. In an interview, the girl admitted that shooting a live person was difficult only for the first time. The first day of combat duty Pavlyuchenko could not bring herself to pull the trigger. Then he overcame a sense of duty – it also saved the fragile female psyche from an incredible burden.

Vasily Zaitsev

In 2001, the world rolled out the picture “The Enemy at the Gates.” The protagonist of the film is a real fighter of the Red Army, the legendary sniper Vasily Zaitsev. It is still unknown whether the opposition of Zaitsev and the German shooter reflected in the film took place: the majority of Western sources are inclined to the version about the propaganda launched by the Soviet Union, the Slavophiles say the opposite. However, this fight means almost nothing in the overall standings of the legendary shooter. In Vasily’s documents there are 149 successfully hit targets. The real number is closer, rather, to five hundred killed.

Chris Kyle

Eight years is the most suitable age to take your first shot. If you, of course, was born in Texas. Chris Kyle has been aiming for his entire adult life: sports targets, then animals, then people. In 2003, Kyle, who had already noted in several secret operations of the US Army, received a new appointment – Iraq. The glory of a merciless and very skillful killer comes after a year, the next trip brings Kayla the nickname “shaitan from Ramadi”: a respectful and frightened tribute to the self-confident arrow. Officially, Kyle killed exactly 160 enemies of peace and democracy. In private conversations, the shooter mentioned three times the large numbers.

Rob Furlong

Rob Furlong served for a long time with the rank of simple corporal of the Canadian army. Unlike many of the other snipers mentioned in this article, Rob did not have a distinct talent for the shooter. But the persistence of the guy would be enough even for a company of completely mediocre warriors. Through regular training, Furlong developed the ability of ambidexter. Soon the corporal was transferred to a special squad. Operation Anaconda became the highest point of the career for Furlong: in one of the battles, the sniper made a successful shot at a distance of 2,430 meters. This record holds still.

Thomas Plunkett

Only two shots led the ordinary soldier of the British army, Thomas Plunkett, to be the best sniper of his time. In 1809, the battle of Monroe took place. Thomas, like all of his fellow soldiers, was armed with a Brown Bess musket. Field activities were enough for the soldiers to hit the enemy at a distance of 50 meters. Unless, of course, the wind was not too strong. Thomas Plunkett, taking a good aim, knocked the French general off his horse at a distance of 600 meters.
The shot could be explained by incredible luck, magnetic fields and the machinations of aliens. Most likely, the comrades of the shooter would have done so, recovering from surprise. However, here Thomas demonstrated his second virtue: ambition. He calmly reloaded his gun and shot a general’s adjutant at the same 600 meters.


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