Is another asteroid threatening Earth?

Asteroid is a rather probable scenario. An asteroid of 10 km in size at a time. And we have enough of that less. Therefore, it’s possible that there’s

At this time, the sight of the alarmists hit object 2016 WF9. Anklearrow Somewhere in the middle of February. At a distance of 0.34 astronomical units. The human language is about 51 million kilometers. The size of the asteroid doesn’t exceed 1 km. And in 2149, it seems, it will be just 9 million kilometers away. So if there is a risk, it is only hypothetical. But no.

Someone Damir Zakharovich Demin, an independent astronomer, is surely a friend, he won’t know what the truth is. Ocean near the UK. And raised by the fall object 2016 WF9 the tsunami Physically.

Oh yes. It is not clear that there has been a situation in the world. object 2016 WF9 so that it hit the Earth. Actually, everything. Then you can not listen.

Meanwhile, since 2009, there has been a damn thing Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer, or abbreviated – WISE, which in translation means “wide-angle infrared survey researcher.” In short, a satellite with a telescope that photographs the starry sky in the infrared spectrum with high resolution. And by comparing pictures, you can detect moving objects. Actually object 2016 WF9 and was re-noticed. And, of course, tracked. And since his period of his revolution, he has been in the past. They are not. It is not true that it was reptilians with the gravitational gun.

Okay now imagine that everyone was wrong, and Comrade Demin was right. What is the size of the body? It is quite well calculated. Dinosaurs nailed an asteroid of 10 km, leaving a crater with a diameter of 180 km. As for the asteroid at 1 km (or less – the exact size object 2016 WF9 not determined), then the funnel will be less here – 20 kilometers. History is exactly the same episodes.

Somewhere in the 1400th year BC, an asteroid fell 120 km off the south coast of New Zealand. Just a kilometer size, since the underwater funnel turned out to be about 20 km in diameter. There was no water, where the coastline was found. But New Zealand is not extinct. There were no special problems. In short, there will be problems, but local ones. A global temperature drop and a couple of degrees. Well, so far without it.

Total Reptiloids with Nibiru should choose a larger projectile. Under the current scenario, a large-scale local evacuation would be able to significantly minimize damage from the alleged fall. But for the time being, the British royal family out of London.

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