It doesn’t deteriorate

Hunting for fascinating targets. It is also a complex of events. mined bird from loss of presentation and taste. And it can not be done.

Why do we need all these activities? At least because mined bird deteriorates very quickly – begin to act, as well as the organisms from the air. All this can be completely spoiled. Therefore, in the warm season, gutted birds should be gutted no later than 2 hours after the shooting. In the cool period slightly increased – up to 6 hours. When you reach -15 degrees Celsius, you can’t gut at all. But this applies only to the wounded birds.

It will be a matter of fact. After all, the bird before death will produce lactic acid, which greatly spoils the taste.


The first stage of processing birds. As practice has shown, if mined bird do not immediately straighten out, then it becomes completely lost. Therefore, it is necessary to make it clear that he has to keep his head down.

After that, you can proceed to the mandrel. If you want to hang around the body of your skin, you can’t get it. After that, the carcass is tied up with a string or string. Wrap the head under the wing. It is not clear that there is no trace. It can not be used at all times for a long time. So, we have a compact and beautiful carcass, with which it is already possible to work further.


Separate full and partial gutting. With complete gutting, we make a longitudinal incision of the abdomen and completely remove all contents. Can be separated from the common heap and used for cooking on a halt. It is a fact that it becomes a rule of thumb. There will be some additional events that will be discussed later.

It has been a small circular incision around the anus that has been made. , which remains inside, along with the rest of the organs. With this method mined bird But it is not stored for a long time.

If we are talking about small birds such as snipe or quail, they will be soothed. Also do not need to gut mined bird in the cold – just freeze it completely. There is no chance that there will be a touch of it. If you hear a thud when tapping – the birdie is frozen.


After you’ve finished gutting mined bird, should refer to natural preservatives. And there are many options. The simplest and most effective is the salt. Take a pinch (20 grams per large game, 10 grams per medium) of salt and carefully rub into the carcass from the inside. As finished – high quality of phytoncides. This is necessary to create an additional barrier to microorganisms. We are interested in pine, spruce, fir, juniper, black currant, nettle, bird cherry, onion, garlic and similar things. Tightly stuff them with a carcass caught bird. Some hunters recommend this? But there are some subtleties that need to be taken.


Hunt mined bird you need somewhere to store all this time. If you have a cooler bag – great. If not, you have to improvise. It is clear that there is no need for any formulas. This will protect it from rain and insects. You can even sprinkle with earth – it’s even better, because conditions will be cooler. There are low temperatures that contribute to longer storage. You can read more

Why are you telling you all this? There is no difference between the size of the freshly caught pigeons. And if BP comes, then pigeons can be a significant addition to the diet. Of course, it has been properly processed, gutted and cooked, since it was not so good. So the information is useful. And suddenly, you need to continue your shooter and survivalist and still get out on the hunt.

It doesn’t deteriorate

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