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Sometimes there is a feeling that many shooters and gun owners are just waiting for a new accessory for a weapon, some kind of another “invention that has no analogues”, a tough gadget to attach it to a free area on the “picatinny” bar on its rifle. A natural question arises – what is really needed on a military weapon? For example, if we talk about the usual carbine, which is used to protect the family and their own homes, in the event of some kind of disaster, riots and other reasons. Situations of the use of force may require speed and mobility. In this context, we can recommend the following accessories for weapons …

Mechanical sighting devices

The sight must be durable – shaking up with shots even from a .233 caliber is considerable, and Chinese “crafts” are not considered at all here. There are front-sight kits mounted on modular rail rails. There is a new-fashioned way to install a mechanical sighting at an angle of 45 ° to the right to the vertical – quite convenient. Take time to target them, and they will serve you in case the next gun accessory refuses …

Collimator sight

If you mount a collimator sight on the carbine, it will provide you with a quick and accurate shot. It has been experimentally established that a sight with a “red dot” reduces the aiming time by 40% and increases the accuracy of the hit by 30%. It was possible to see how the weapon fell down on the Aimpoint and Trijicon collimators down, and they continued to work.

Two point gun belt

The weapon belt makes it possible to use your additional weapon (usually a pistol) without losing control over the main one. Have you ever seen cool videos on you-pipes, where an operator with a carbine equipped with a single-point belt, quickly grabbed a short-barreled weapon? That’s right, it wasn’t enough, because it may not end with a very good situation with a falling weapon, or even worse. Among other things, long-barreled weapons on a single-point belt are easy to intercept for a short distance and then use against the wearer as a lever. among other things, the two-point belt allows you to use the shoulder of a slave arm in cases when you have to shoot from such an uncomfortable position.

Reliable shops

Predator must be fed. Otherwise … This is not really an accessory for a weapon in its literal sense, without a shop, we will not be able to shoot. Nevertheless, a good and reliable store will be guaranteed to supply cartridges in the most adverse conditions. How many standard 30 charging stores do you need? About five – one in the weapon, the rest – in the pouches (ideally, or if there is a mess, add two more). Check out the ammunition and keep the shops equipped for a serious business, not forgetting the rotation of cartridges. For training, acquire individual stores.

Pistol grip

The standard pistol grip for the AR-15 and Kalashnikov is thin, flimsy and uncomfortable. Buy a new, ergonomic handle – it will greatly simplify and make comfortable manipulations with your weapon.


As well as the pistol grip, the butt, in addition to damping recoil and improving accuracy, is also designed to increase comfort when shooting. Folding or sliding, the butt must be equipped with a locking mechanism that securely fixes the butt to ensure an accurate shot at close or long distances.

The reliability of the butt is also important for the reason that sometimes the carbine can be used as a melee weapon, literally – for a physical strike. And the kick is scientifically performed by the butt.

Gun lantern

There is a high probability that you will have to use weapons for self-defense, when so much necessary light is too small. In this case, the gun lamp will be extremely useful tool. Also, the flashlight is used to identify targets, determine the location on the route and control the surroundings, visual contact with colleagues in the group, and so on. And how much good (good = dear) do you need a flashlight? The weapon is designed to be used quickly, dynamically, blows are likely – it means you need a reliable flashlight and its equally secure mount on the weapon. With the brightness of the flashlight in the range from 80 to 120 lumens, you can work at the average distances of modern firearms. Obviously, the flashlight must be as durable as your carbine, fully able to withstand both recoil and fall. The switch-on organs of the flashlight must be located in accessible places and in any intuitive way that the flashlight performs its tasks under stressful conditions.

You ask – what about the bipod, arms, LCU? Take a tactical course, involving a lot of movements, actions and serious work with weapons. It happens that students in such courses take half of their accessories from their weapons, which turned out to be unnecessary junk.

Weapon accessories

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