“It was necessary to leave yesterday”: About war and fear

This is not a story.
in the wrong place
how terrible panic is and what fate is.

Ukraine is experiencing the worst of times. Some parts are trying to keep peace and quiet during the life.

Friends in the village. After a phone call It was my friend. In an icy voice, she squeezed out that tanks had entered the village. Armed soldiers break into homes. It was impossible to go further. I crumpled my ticket, wondered what to take and made a chance. The hotel is cheaper.

In the morning, with new forces, we continue on our way. In the morning everything seems easier. Were well received, entertained with the best dishes. At night, the nightmare repeated. Around 10 pm reported that the tanks were going again. Turn off the lights and phones. And not a sound …

Soldiers are not terrible. Hour by hour … Second by second … Even the crickets were silenced. Night and silence. Trying to breathe more quietly. We fell into a dream.

The next day I had to go back. Warm farewell set off. Here began the unimaginable. Hardly having driven ten kilometers, the bus got up. A bridge stretched across the river before us. It was blocked by the local residents. It was a wild noise. It was a traffic jam.

Rumors and awesome details. Now the soldiers had not only automatic weapons. And their number is constantly changing.

One way or another, time went on, and the situation escalated. It is necessary to go to the bank,

“Damn it!” – I broke, “What to do?”. He should go home. But where are we going with bags? What are you caught by the soldiers? No, I can not lose my last shelter – the bus.

The story ended well. We carefully crossed the road. It is a scandalous pattern. This is what you’s impossible to prepare for everything. All the way I mutually: “it was necessary yesterday …”, but who knew? Sometimes it’s possible to find a ticket or “pumping up a muscle.” It is impossible to predict or calculate their actions. Only luck remains. Or fate, if you will.

The lessons and conclusions I received:

  1. Do not lose your head. It is impossible to predict the situation. Most ALWAYS wrong. Only cold analysis and sober decisions. No “maybe” or delay.
  2. Backup plan. Plan “B” should have a plan “B”. It is impossible to follow the way. It is a pity, not a pity. It’s not a pity. to ask for help) if left alone. It has been charged that it has been charged. for pre-negotiated venue.
  3. Be prepared for force majeure. Stiletto heels, long dress, clutch – But only at a party or a cultural event. Peeping (or maybe running) is simply unbearable. It is desirable to get comfortable with outfits. You can spend the night at the station.
  4. Connections Having good connections. Start and maintain a maximum of friends. Be kind and courteous with everyone. It is not a problem.
  5. Do not believe the rumors. Compare what you’ve seen on the street (I don’t just write). To fantasize and fear. Downed cat in three will be sacrificed to a maniac who is following our children. But do not ignore them. It is necessary to listen to your eyes.
  6. Know your rights. As practice has shown, almost no one knows them. In peacetime, it can be your time. When you are in the combat zone, you will be provided with a lawyer.
  7. Isolated City – it’s a barrel of rats. I already wrote that the city in isolation will not be long long. Dates vary on how people behave. Immediately, he clearly saw it for two. The workers didn’t get to the factories, the products didn’t get to the factories and the factories among the people didn’t get to the factories !) Didn’t get you payers, didn’t get into them, bring fuel, etc. In the case of a policeman.

Afterword in my story. It turns out that in fact – there were no tanks. It was just a few tractors. They were so alarmed that he thought it out. Already after all these events, I thought: well, I’m not happy, I’m not happy. Only screaming women (who are very worried about children and husbands) and outraged men. It was a ghost of war, raised and nurtured by fears.

Very hard times. People are trying to keep the world. Someone shouts “let’s get up all!”,

“We have the best laws in the world. If everything was in paradise, we’ve

&# 171; I had to leave yesterday&# 187;: About war and fear

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