Ivanteevsky shooter: How to save a child from harassment?

On a Tuesday, September 5, a teenager 1 in Ivanteevka near Moscow. Four people were injured. A teenager, nicknamed “Ivanteevsky shooter”, was detained. He was charged under the articles “hooliganism” and “attempted murder.”

Of course, computer games are to blame.

In addition to the classes themselves, they help to raise self-confidence. It is a conclusion. The reason is that the guy was hounded in the classroom.

Unfortunately, it was a compatriot.

So it all starts with the family.. A person comes to school with an already formed self-esteem. It has been noted. Yes, because there are no potential (potential potential of the persecution) do not. And where does confidence come from? She is taken out of love for herself. He is a woman of he will accept himself.

But how many such families in our time? Often, he thought about it. Someone are married / married “on aerial”, and there is no peace and frets. He was not born in love. And someone has already been reminded of a departed person. Do not move away from the child. Remember that you can only rely on it. And now he needs you.

Well, when there is a military grandfather. This is a great help. We need at least one caring and intelligent adult nearby. I can’t cope with this problem.

If you can find a caring coach. School teachers are generally not the touch. Still, parents should not be responsible for raising a child. Do you want to give birth? So, it is necessary to think of having children. Children are parents responsible. It is up to you.

They are from the “Iwanteevsky shooter”. Who knows what should be taken care of themselves. Of course, it’s wrong to wipe your child’s socks, cackle it over. So you can’t get a baby. But it is also impossible to disengage from his problems. Need healthy support. Need a healthy male education. Without extremes.

This is the tempering of character. If you are a woman, it will be a matter of course, self-esteem, which will affect adulthood. But in any case, you must keep abreast; Here is a very fine line.

And here are some more tips:

  • School can be changed, memories of parents do not. It helps to take this, too. Adults, too, very often leave with your boss or team. But it is not considered weakness or flight, right?
  • Do not dare to go against Always believe your child. If you’re considering it a betrayal. Who is more important to you?
  • Fathers, take upbringing in your own hands. Do not yield. Often, the wife limply harms him.
  • Talk to your child in his language. Phrases such as “do not drop the dignity,” he just does not understand. Basically. For him. “Give the offender a nose” – and the child is scared! He knows what to do. “A man is not afraid.”
  • Love your children, listen carefully, listen carefully, do not wave off. Remember yourself at their age. It can affect your child’s future life. Don’t say you were warned.

From newspapers about Ivantee arrow:

“If you’ve ever been interested, For all the years, he has been dismissed. He It wouldn’t help. The psychiatrist says. “

“… didn’t seem to surprise his parents at all. They were invited to school immediately after the teenager. It was a little time, since “time to have dinner” … ”


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