Ixodic tick: popular myths

Lovers of barbecues are chosen for nature. It is a fun and healthy way to eat meat. And if only it ate – that still all right. So after all, even any filth can infect, such as borreliosis or encephalitis. That’s why you shouldn’t have to know the enemy. It doesn’t. So.

Ixodic tick

Ixodic tick It is a parasitiform ticks from the parasitism and is considered to be borne in the gutter and it has been given. If you’re not in the winter, you’ll be able to reach the temperature of 5 ° C. It is rarely used to climb trees, it is rarely allowed to travel.

It is impossible to reach the bottom of the body. Well helps chemistry and insect repellents. There are no chemicals, especially how these bastards!

What to do when a tick bite

It should be as much as possible. But – with the mind, and then aggravate the situation. If you’re in the middle of a pribluda closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer closer tw tw tw tw tw Then it is necessary to disinfect the wound and hands.

If there are special tools for extracting ticks – hurray. You can also use tweezers, or a small loop of thin thread, draped it over and over. They pulled out a tick – be sure to get it.

Then there are three main scenarios:

1. Do nothing

Hammer in Bitt – and to hell with him. Here are the symptoms – then react. It will be the least help. However, “maybe” is great.

2. Take a tick and go

Yes, a bloodsucker can be used to investigate, find out how to prescribe treatment. There are no more tick on the examination. It was just a problem. It is possible that in areas where the epidemiological situation is worse, ixodic ticks are more severe.

3. Go to the hospital and get treatment

This can be done in advance – before the onset of symptoms, just in case. Plus – your chances will increase even more. It is still a pleasure.

So, the course – a broad-spectrum antibiotic (of such as doxycycline, etc.) – 3 days, immunoglobulin injections – also 3 days. It should be no longer a tick bite. If everything is done clearly, it helps. Of course, it was not expected.

4. If you are vaccinated against encephalitis

Pull out the ghoul and burn the fuck. In 97% of cases of infection with encephalitis, the organism remains free of charge. There is no vaccination against borreliosis.

The main symptoms of the disease

Encephalitis can be easily confused with the SARS. Only weakness and temperature will be much higher. In the initial stages, over. It can be just pi * es. In 30 percent of cases – death. Still quite a serious disease.

WITH borreliosis everything is simpler. Oh, do not confuse him with anything. However, this disease is not treated. And, yes, that if during the first 2 weeks after the tick bite, you haven’t seen anything – rejoice, you have been carried away.

Myths and delusions about ticks

1. Tick vaccinations do not help

For borreliosis and some unpleasant sores – yes. But from encephalitis – very much so. It is better to take root. And other crap to treat as they appear.

2. But traditional medicine helps

Like the placebo effect, by the way. Or a banal accident. In any case, if the problems in the viruses – colitis interferon. If bacteria, eat antibiotics. And you will be happy. It is also a substantial benefit.

3. Ticks need to be lubricated – then they will come out

It is not excluded. But before that, they were more precisely – in the blood. But it’s not true that the bacteria causing borreliosis will be contained. It is a rule of thumb for the cause of encephalitis.

4. Mite poison must be squeezed out.

What, sorry, poison? If you wish, you can’t even try to “squeeze” – to the contrary.

5. Some have innate immunity to filth carried by ticks.

It doesn’t exist. At all. And they are not aware of the theory.

6. Dangerous Ixodes ticks differ in appearance

No, not different. It can only be noted.

And now the good news. According to statistics, only 5 out of 100 ticks are carriers of all nastiness. Tick ​​bite causes a disease. That is, you can safely and surely take it. In any case, even from encephalitis they die from 30 percent of cases. So, theoretically, it’s a chance to die. True, some kind of nonsense, not a jackpot. Ready to take a chance?

Ixodic tick:

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