Jeff Gonzales: Realistic Safety

Quite often these days to safety regulations Beginning to be treated at a shooting range.

One-dimensional thinking

I was thinking about safety regulations how about rules, only on the shooting range. Safety regulations govern the handling of firearms. The shooting range should not be allowed. They should be respected at home, at work, and yes, also in a tactical environment. In fact, I was taught these rules. safety engineering gun handling at a shooting range.

Snowball effect

In our case, there are enough accidents that are usually the result of negligence. rules safety engineering This is not the case. They were the seemingly minor mistakes, which led to misfortune. This should not be abandon. safety regulations, for their non-compliance. The times go down safety regulations lose their effectiveness. From my experience – if a lesson will be learned.

Security basics

We especially observe the irregularities of our courses. We always start with a detailed review. safety regulations. It is a complete discovery for them. It is not easy to understand. So, safety regulations Mostly, it has been violated most often. It becomes a rule that it becomes a pathway.

Old school motivation

This is a formal exercise for the first week of the week. any violation grow into serious. They are in full gear. It will be learned, but it will be learned. These safety regulations This is the philosophy of the world.

Real world

See the importance of the following. safety regulations, even more than at the shooting range. It is not a crime. security. For one hundred percent. But even then, they should not be carried out by security, and stay relevant and realistic. This is a balance that the instructors should follow.

Make no mistake thinking that safety regulations are one dimensional. It is a multidimensional.

Jeff Gonzales – Honorary Veteran of the Navy Seals with many awards. He served in various settings and assignments around the world. Now, Jeff chief instructor in Trident concepts and Alias ​​Training.

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Jeff Gonzales: Realistic Safety

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