Jet Pilot Survival Knife: U.S. Pilot knife

The development of aviation, especially reactive. And there are various conflicts down. Therefore, it is important that you manage your health. This tool was decided to be called Jet Pilot Survival Knife.

In 1957, the corporation “Marblel Arm CorporationIt was a bit like a tackle up. Heck it up with a knob of hair. It was designed to be very soft, soundly and sternly. they abandoned this model, having made only about 500 blades.

Jet Pilot Survival Knife before restoration

Jet Pilot Survival Knife was given Camillus cutlary. It replaces the bluing of the metal with phosphating. The skin of the skin. However, when it was modernized again.

Pilots. It is a period of time for the knife to be worn out. So the knife was shortened by about 3 cm. In addition, the sheath was changed. It can not be worn, but it also can be fastened to any kind of equipment. The word “Jet” was removed from it. It was released until 2006.

Jet Pilot Survival Knife after restorationJet Pilot Survival Knife after restoration

Companies were produced at different times. It has been recognized that it has been a distinctive feature. On some models, they even thought of removing the aluminum file. But these “experiments” did not find much popularity.

Honestly, Jet Pilot Survival Knife number was successful. Therefore, you can find a bunch of different varieties of this knife. It was used almost everywhere, especially well proven in Vietnam.

It has been noted that the skin has been replaced by the skin. However, Jet Pilot Survival Knife It remains a simple and efficient working blade.

If we talk about the classic parameters Jet Pilot Survival Knife us

  • Blade length, mm: 132
  • Overall length, mm: 244
  • Blade thickness, mm: 4.8
  • Weight, gr: 240
  • Handle: Stacked leather plus metal knob
  • Scabbard Material: Leather

Jet Pilot Survival Knife: U.S. Pilot knife

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