Jihad: 6 facts about holy war

It’s breaking the ground in the Islamic world today. So by way of women wearing traditional veils, people bypass a wide semicircle. And words like “Glory to Allah” and “jihad” have become synonymous with the word “terrorism”. But in fact, the word “jihad” means, first of all … Let’s see what is jihad.

We’re remind you of what’s the ISL, it’s “Islamic State”, it’s

The word “jihad” in Arabic means “effort.” This is one of the basic concepts in Islam. Some Muslim scholars even consider the sixth pillar of Islam, along with five others. It is a Qur’an prescribed rule.

1. Jihad in the Qur’an

The concept of jihad is very multifaceted and very complex, Moreover, it is not one of the most important aspect. The concept of jihad is much broader.

There are also some goals for the Prophet Muhammad. Initially, Mohammed and the Koran concentrate on the basic and peaceful aspects of jihad. That is, it is a jihad in Islam or social vices. Jihad has been formed.

2. Types of jihad

Jihad heart – this is the basis, the person must begin with this. It is a spirit of peace and freedom. It is not possible to repay his sinful motives, you can’t fight for the triumph of Islam.

Once a person achieves success in this, he can proceed to jihad language. It has been approved that it has been approved. ” jihad of the heart. That is, you first need to support it.

The third level is jihad hands, he can stop any violations. This is the jihad of the hand.

The very last level is jihad sword. It can be applied to other options no longer work, only after that. It should be noted that there is a lot of different interpretations among Muslims.

So jihad is characterized by multistage. You can’t take it in hands armed jihad.

3. Jihad in history

It was determined that certain circumstances of jihad became relevant. It was even when he was persecuted.

Then, when he became a medina, he became a lawyer. The invasion of the Mongol-Tatars in the Middle Ages. Jihad This is the upheavals of the land that has been made. Formerly, there has been a scandalous movement in the Muslim lands.

Also a lot depends on the time and place. It is a good idea to consider the situation in the 1960s and the 1970s. In this case, it is clear that there has been

4. Subject and object of jihad

There is a classification based on the words for jihad-jihad-jihad-jihad. . This is a very famous story of the jihad.

It is not necessary to declare a jihad: every Muslim. If we talk about armed struggle, then, of course, there are clear rules here. Everyone can’t declare jihad It is the decision of the consensus. This is the case for the Islamic world.

It is the religion of the Muslim scholars and theologians.

If there is direct aggression, then it comes. In such a situation, theologians can only confirm that “yes, there is aggression.” Moreover, all Muslims, without exception, are obliged to participate in such a jihad. It is necessary to note the situation. This can be done only by scholars. Just like that, an ordinary person cannot declare an armed jihad.

For example, Muammar Gaddafi, being the president of Libya, is called for jihad against Switzerland. He is a ruler of course, he has, of course, he has the right to declare war. There is a very thin line between the states of war, the declarant and the jihad war. That is, Muammar Gaddafi himself is not a leader of religious knowledge, can not be a religious leader.

This has been the case for some other political goals. In any case, it is not in his competence.

5. What is jihad for a Muslim believer?

Cultivation is impossible without jihad, that is, without effort. It is impossible to make it. Islam says that it’s necessary to confirm this through its life. Without jihad, without spiritual self-improvement, this is impossible. In this sense, jihad is obligatory for all Muslims.

There are many restrictions, there are many laws and regulations. There are different opinions. For example, it was a time when it came to the international rule of law. Subsequently, he called on him to call it.

6. Differences in interpretation

Jihad rules are common to all. It is of course the basic concepts. Basically, there is a consensus for jihad. This is a practice of righteous caliphs.

Different interpretations appear among Islamic scholars, It is a religion of the Muslim scholars and theologians. Their opinion means a lot. Moreover, it can be influenced by the Muslims. Therefore, the theologian himself.

Jihad: 6 facts about holy war

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