Jitter control of fear and emotions

Quite often excitement: exams, public speaking, upcoming interviews, competitions, etc. There are noises, knees, hands, hands and other unpleasant processes occur. There are mental disorders, there are ways in which your body can digest your body. All this can be called one succinct word. “Jade”.

What is jitter

Mandrazh It has been noted that there has been a slight emotional tension. It can be noted that there can be a long time for some positive processes, such as a wedding or other holiday. Thus, it is always some anxiety, concern about the future.

it excitement or anxiety, objectively and expediently. If anxiety appears, it needs it. But because jitter often a person performs some external actions that interfere with him. You can perform even some familiar operations with great difficulty. Therefore, some reactions and processes are inhibited. It is necessary for our brain.

It should be understood that it should be noted.

How to get rid and overcome jaundice

In order to overcome jitter It is a rule of thumb for a person to relax. You can always achieve the desired. Learn how to handle it.

Proper breathing

Using proper deep breathing can get rid of jitter. It is not clear that there is a problem in the process of the process. the experiences themselves.

There are chest and abdominal breathing. Belly breathing is more suitable. Slowly, deeply, evenly, as if feeling a bit.

It is slower than the inhale. So, it can be carried out on 4 counts, and exhalation is on. 8. At the same time, it is desirable to hold the breath at peak times. To activate the brain activity, it should not be shorter than the inhale. The rhythm of breathing, the rhythm of breathing, and then try again.

Help with mandrazh

It is almost always necessary to control it too.

  • Well removes manifestations jitter muscle relaxation. This method consists of alternating conscious muscle groups. This is where the tremor occurs with mandrazh. For example, if you want to see your eyes. If you’re trying to relax your biceps, etc.
  • For someone the best trick to cope with jitters and excitement, serves as a visualization. If you think up some kind of good picture, you can calm down in external views. For example, people in their own children’s room, others in a secret castle, etc. Naturally, it is better to designate these shelters in advance.
  • Music can be another helper. Even listening to a certain melody, you can relieve anxiety. If you don’t want to listen to the melody, even to yourself. Your own comfort is important.
  • Some manage to achieve relaxation through autogenic training. So, self-suggestion of “I calm down,” “My shoulders are relaxed,” “I am calm and relaxed,” etc. helps to overcome the manifestations of jitter. But this technique is effective only with constant practice. It is unlikely that the organism will quickly respond to the “orders”.

Switching attention

In an effective way, how to get rid of jitter, attention to objects that are completely unrelated to the situation. For example, on the street, you can ask yourself to pass by. Indoors, you can try to find all the yellow objects. If you want to wear a ballroom, you’ll be able to wear it.

You can invent such tasks for yourself every day, even when a person is not nervous. He finds it possible to find individual models of cars. If this is necessary.

Logic work

Thoughts jitter It is a physical condition that affects the body. Therefore, it is possible to “turn on logic”.

This technique includes a reasonable point of view. So, you can estimate the circumstances of these events and their consequences.

You can mentally bring your situation to the point of absurdity. For example, it’s like this: “I can’t know what I’ve been reading. At least I know something. I cant answer you any questions. I will definitely say something. “And then I’m still a little humor:” If I’m still a little girl, I’m not a little humor. ” pair with someone, also mandraging, in front of an audience.

Survival Tips and Skills

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