Job search, psychological attitude to job search, reactions of shame and irritation.

For all the seeming secondary nature of this item, it is the psychological disposition to look for work that determines the success or failure of a job placement. Job search is always contact with people. Communication. And this means that one cannot do without knowledge of psychology. You need to be able to get to know people, to have yourself, formulate your thoughts and requests correctly, draw up the required opinion about yourself, etc.. 

Job search, psychological attitude to job search, reactions of shame and irritation.

I will not retell here all the recommendations that can be read in numerous manuals on interpersonal relations. I will dwell on one, in my opinion, the most painful point of shame. And on confidence in ultimate success.

I am ashamed. Because, as it may seem to you, you turned out to be something worse than others. And it’s a shame that you are not able to provide a prosperous life to your loved ones. That you are a loser. So it’s hard to tell you about job loss. This is the same as admitting your own failure. On the contrary, I want to portray an invigorating person who has everything ok. First of all, to portray for himself. In order not to fall into black melancholy. And this game of well-being very often fails the player himself. Having put on the hero’s mask and the minion of fate, he can no longer remove it in the future. And can’t ask for help. Because heroes and minions do not ask anyone for anything and they don’t need a job search.

Another reaction to dismissal irritation.

On everything and everything. But most of all on the bosses. Past. And future ones. In this case, do not ask for work. It is required in raised tones. And they don’t get it either. A more constructive position is the recognition of one’s dysfunction. It is what it is. And do not waste your energy maintaining a nonexistent image or anger. At this stage in your life you lost. But do everything possible to get out of the pit into which they have landed. That is exactly what the capitalists reason. And even, having completely gone bankrupt, they say: Okay, everything is very good, I won; because I learned a lesson from defeat. And I won’t repeat the mistake. This loss is just the beginning of success..

I understand that it is difficult for us to accept such artificially peppy psychology. But you have to learn. Like capitalism as a whole. Am I losing my job? Ok! I got lucky. Thanks to this, I will find a much better and better-paid job … But just do not wait, but look! And for this, do not be afraid to say: I lost my job. Well, bolder. You need work to feed your family! And for this reason, asking for this job is not a shame. You do not demand alms, not money, but only the opportunity to earn it yourself. A job request is not begging. This is just a job search! You still have to reconsider your opinion about shame. If, of course, you are interested in the result.

If you are so proud that it’s difficult for you to switch to a pleading tone, if it’s difficult to say about your predicament without embellishment, then you are doomed to failure. Portraying not what is in reality, you naturally get not the help you are counting on. People do not help the prosperous. People help those in need. Therefore, going to ask for assistance, be prepared to ask, and not demonstrate your ambition. I’m not talking about humiliation, I’m talking about the most honest formulation of my problems.

I got into a difficult situation … I need work because … Help, if possible.

Like in a hospital, where you do not play a healthy person, but talk in detail about the symptoms of the disease. And do not be ashamed that you suddenly have a stab in your left shoulder, or a cough, or, excuse me, a chair is missing for three weeks. So, unemployment is the same disease. Not just you, but the whole family. And those to whom you came for the assistance of a doctor who can help you. And to keep silent about your illness means to get the wrong diagnosis. And the wrong treatment. And maybe not get well. That’s why I dwell on that false sense of shame in such detail that I think: if you don’t break it, then the effectiveness of your job search will decrease many times.

The mountain does not go to Mohammed! And, therefore, a person who has lost his job will have to feel awkward every day and many times, passing various interviews, offering his services to employers and proving that he is not a thief, not a drunkard and capable of anything. Have to! Or you will have to remain proud, but … without work. Or or! And be sure to be sure of success. You cannot start a job search without faith. So what if you have a very rare, completely in-demand profession? The point is not in the profession, but in the ability to find application for one’s own strength. For example, I know one profession that is not in demand today. I would say hopeless in terms of employment. But, on the other hand, I know that not a single person who lost it was left without a livelihood.

Everyone got a job! One hundred percent! And they were very well employed. And one is the best in the country. I mean the profession of secretaries of the regional party committees. It would seem, much worse? And there are no posts of secretaries, and regional committees, and the party itself. And they are all in business. This is what it means to get along well in life. And the ability to apply all means at your disposal to achieve the goal. Well, we do not have unemployed secretaries of regional committees. And city committees. And the district committees. And even there are no unemployed party organizers! And you say you can’t find a job! And a few more inspiring examples.

Let’s launch an unemployed foreigner to our hopeless labor market. Best of any Chinese. Or a Vietnamese. Or a Korean. Run and see what happens. Well, they won’t find a job? They will find! And I’m sure, and you’re sure. They will not be left without a livelihood. Do you know how many unemployed Hispanics, Canadians, Spaniards and other impoverished impoverished people have settled in our business? Very well attached! Whole family clans. And have already become millionaires.

I myself helped to hire familiar translators and accountants in prosperous companies, opened in Moscow by Venezuelan and Spanish homeless people. Well, in the sense of those who have difficulty scraping for a ticket to Moscow. And in the blink of an eye they have established a profitable business here. Then somehow it turns out weird. They can all, but we can’t. It turns out that this is not a lack of work, it’s about us. The fact that we do not know how to fight for a place in the sun. But they can. And that means we must learn too. We have no other choice. And, I’m afraid, in the near future will not be! And that means you want to do not want to have to look for work! And have to find!

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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