Journal “Vestnik of the Survivalist”, 1-5 issues

Dear readers, many of you probably know the name “Sage’s Messenger”.

It is true that this is the case. It has been the number of surviving sites that have been published. Last day club.

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Magazine “Vestnik of the Survivalist”, №1, May 2015

“Bulletin of the Vyzhivilshchik”. It is not a problem. It was ready.

The first issue touched upon mining and cooking. In addition, there were articles on other topics. Below is a complete list.

  • What can help elm fruits
  • How to cook dried meat
  • Where do carbohydrates grow
  • Tea from young shoots of pine
  • Preparing for BP
  • Tactical pencil
  • List of survival sites

Download “Bulletin of the survivalist”, №1, May 2015

Journal “Bulletin of the Vyzhivalschika.” №2, June 2015

By creating the issue of the magazine, the editors, encouraged by grateful readers, contained there more topics.

In this issue:

  • The readers of the magazine
  • Blitz Reports on the Day of the Survivor May 3, 2015
  • An article on survival techniques
  • Description of inverters and their parameters
  • Article about spring greens, its nutritional qualities
  • Instructions for making a bottle cutter
  • MRE, US Army soldier dry ration – overview
  • The story of the delicious and nutritious pasture stern – bracken fern
  • Beam node description

Download “Bulletin of the survivalist”, №2, June 2015

Journal “Bulletin of the Vyzhivalschika.” №3, August 2015

It is a matter of fact that it is not a problem.

In issue:

  • Roasted strobilurus (what kind of monster is this? ..)
  • A list of 10 survival skills
  • Comparison of a plaster screed and a surgical suture
  • Pine Honey Article
  • Stewed Mushroom Soup Recipe
  • Looking into the future of BP
  • Overview tents Husky Falcon
  • Shooting tips
  • Tips for signaling thermite checker

Download “Bulletin of the survivalist”, №3, August 2015

Journal “Bulletin of the Vyzhivalschika.” №4, September 2015

It has been noted that there has been a situation in the world.

Find this:

  • How to join the survival community
  • List of pitfalls when moving from city to village
  • Description of the trolley for the post apocalypse
  • List of first-tier items
  • Instructions for creating a universal generators for survival
  • Adventure Time, GO shelter
  • A small overview of plants known since childhood
  • Insect and Plant Protein Article
  • Description of the stew-kourma “The joy of the tourist”
  • Recipe for Cooking Beans with Pork
  • A fiction story about an unusual friend. Last friend

Download “Bulletin of the survivalist”, №4, September 2015

Journal “Bulletin of the Vyzhivalschika.” №5, October 2015

The theme of the magazine was inspired by the topic of PrePering. It is a time when I’m writing a letter.

In this issue:

  • Universal camping food
  • Hawthorn mash
  • Basic rules for collecting mushrooms
  • Solar lighter
  • Canned squash caviar
  • Key from the tin can
  • Pemmican – meat sublimate
  • Who am i (story)
  • Canoe DIY

Download “Bulletin of the survivalist”, №5, October 2015

Afterword. In the future, the magazine will be published separately. Stay tuned!

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Magazine &# 171; Messenger of the vyzhivalschika&# 187; 1-5 issues

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