Ka-52 Alligator – Russian attack helicopter of a new generation

Ka-52 (“Alligator”) – all-weather round-the-clock combat helicopter A new generation, developed by Kamov. It is a two-seater modification. attack helicopter Ka-50 (“Black Shark”). Ka-52 In the case of a group of combat missions attack helicopters. The design of the helicopter meets the requirements of Russian and international standards for combat helicopters and their technical operation.

Main tactical and technical characteristics Ka-52:

  • Take-off weight – 10800 kg
  • Maximum speed – 310 km / h
  • Cruising speed – 250 km / h
  • Flight speedways – 80 km / h
  • Flight speed back – 90 km / h
  • Practical range – 520 km
  • Static ceiling – 3600 m
  • Length (including screws) – 16 m
  • The diameter of the rotor – 14.5 m
  • Crew – 2 people
  • The helicopter has two engines – VK-2500

OKB “Kamov” (now OAO “Kamov”) began to create a new generation of combat vehicles.

Development of a modernized double Ka-52 It was taken for a single crew member. It has been decided to find the pilot. It is not clear that the crew will be able to cope with the interaction. In addition, the number of devices was eliminated. Your first flight Ka-52 committed on June 25, 1997.

December 26, 2008 helicopter Ka-52 Designer of the Ka-52 Alligator helicopters on the Arsenevsky Plant

Ka-52 helicopter It has been chosen to be the same. Ka-52 There are no limits on this type of vehicle. Piloting helicopters can carry out without limitation, both pilots. The cabin is armored. The helicopter is suitable for training. High flight data coaxial machine, combined with unique maneuverability allow Ka-52 perform the best possible occupying position in the shortest possible time.

The helicopter is equipped with a multi-sensor aiming system operating in the optical, infrared and radar ranges. In the field of operation of the helicopter, it has to do with the equipment.

A combination of weapons of various calibers and air guns of various calibers. On the combat power of weapons “Alligator” not inferior to Ka-50 and surpasses all other existing combat helicopters. The total mass of weapons on the underwing holders is 2000 kilograms.

It provides piloting, navigation, navigation, combat missions and radioactive electronic complex. It is a complex of multilevel system. He also has been able to provide information on how to use his / her optical system, radar and satellite imaging and radar equipment.

It is a system of electronic countermeasures. Vital systems and units Ka-52 duplicated and protected; There are additional safety margin; the fuel tanks are explosion-proof; an autonomous fire extinguishing system is installed. In the case of speeds and flight altitudes. The helicopter has been controlled and is operated in autonomous mode for 15 days.


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