Kalashnikov assault rifles AK101 and AK103, instruction manual 6P43, 6P45 RE.

, as well as the basic rules necessary to ensure the correct operation and full use of the technical capabilities of the machines. 

Appointment and combat properties of Kalashnikov AK101 and AK103.

Kalashnikov AK101 and AK103 are individual weapons and are designed to destroy enemy manpower. For shooting and observation in conditions of natural night illumination, night rifle sights are attached to submachine guns. In combination with machine guns, it is possible to use the GP25 and GP30 grenade launchers designed to defeat enemy manpower, openly located on terrain located in open trenches, trenches and on reverse slopes of the terrain.

Full name of the Kalashnikov assault rifles AK101 and AK103.

5.56 mm Kalashnikov AK101 assault rifle (index 6P43).
7.62 mm Kalashnikov assault rifle of the 1974 AK103 model (index 6P45).

Automatic or single-shot firing. Automatic shooting is the main type of shooting. It is conducted in short (from 3 to 5 shots) and long (up to 10 shots) bursts or continuous burst.

The composition of the AK101 and AK103.

The machine consists of the following main parts and mechanisms:

– Receivers with barrel.
– Sights.
– receiver covers.
– folding butt and handle.
– Shutter frames with stock.
– shutter.
– return mechanism.
– Strap overlays.
– trigger mechanism.
– Muzzle brakes.
– forearm.

The AK101 and AK103 assault rifle kit includes (in pcs.):

– Shop – 1.
—Accessory – 1.
– Oiler— 1.
– Strap for carrying small arms – 1.

In addition, the machine can be equipped with a bayonet-knife, three magazines, a bag for shops, which is aimed for shooting at night and in conditions of limited visibility.

Table of contents Kalashnikov AK101 and AK103, instruction manual 6P43, 6P45 RE.



Appointment and combat properties of machine guns
Technical data
The composition of the machine
Machine operation
The device and the appointment of parts in the mechanisms of the machine
The work of parts and mechanisms of the machine


General directions
Safety Instructions
Preparing the machine for shooting
Checking the accuracy of shooting and bringing the machine to a normal battle


Inspection and verification of technical condition
Possible malfunctions and solutions
Dismantling and dismantling the machine
Cleaning and lubrication


Appendix A. Design differences and operation features of AK101-1, AK103-1 assault rifles.
Appendix B. Design differences and operational features of AK101-2, AK103-2 assault rifles.

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