KAMAZ “Typhoon”. Universal armored personnel carrier class MRAP

First of all, this is a non-standard body shape.

It is made with a V-shaped nut, with a V-shaped bottom. Moreover, it is equipped with composite ceramics, which, in combination with a non-standard bottom shape, makes it possible. Such is he KAMAZ “Typhoon”, Presented by the plant from Naberezhnye Chelny in 2011.

The appearance of the family “Typhoon”

It has been noted that there has been a clear line-up of vehicles for all types of vehicles.

The center, once a secret development program, dubbed “Garage”, hit, first of all, of course, MAZ, KAMAZ and UAZ. It was assumed that armored trucks developed, interchangeable nodes.

It wasn’t the end of the world. This is a paradigm artifact.

Special vehicles for special forces

So-called MRAPs for Americans, for example, for their special forces. The special forces of Russia also found a similar approach. KAMAZ “Typhoon” Take it in this direction.

It is planned that it will be a family of armored vehicles. “Typhoon”, various purposes, various complete set and various equipment.

Technique on the verge of fiction

It has been shown that the KAMAZ “Typhoon” is the body of the engine. The YaMZ – 5367 cubic centimeters with seven cubic centimeters in combination with a proprietary turbocharger per one while.

The number of places in Typhoon provided (depending on the type of body) nineteen – in the hull and thirteen – in the modular. There is a six-speed gearbox together driving KAMAZ 63968 “Typhoon” There is a possibility to increase the maneuverability; This is the ZIL-157.

The main thing is protection

But the main thing in Typhoon is all the same. Developed by a large caliber machine result. Especially as used on “Typhoon” Keramobronya much easier similar bronestali.

But equip the car “Typhoon” It couldn’t have been difficult. Square meter bulletproof glass designed for Typhoon, weighs three hundred pounds. The same bullet from the CPT.

It is a mine defense vehicle, which is equipped with an armored car. IED of 8 kg. in TNT is equivalent.

Competing Technology

For the first time public attention KAMAZ 63968 “Typhoon” It was presented in Astana, at the exhibition of military equipment “Kadex 2011”. Made a good impression on the military. In the case of the carriageway.

And it is worth mentioning that the car “Typhoon” It was planned to be produced not only by KAMAZ (a classic beskapotnik), but also by the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. Interchangeable components and assemblies.

In different guises

“Typhoon” This is the case for chemicals and minesweepers. .

Weight on the surface.

In addition, there are also types and modifications of the Typhoon. There are projects on the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems.

At the moment the list of modifications “Typhoon”, created by KAMAZ, looks like this:

  • It can be used as a vehicle;
  • KAMAZ-53888 modification based on the same 5388, but with armor installed;
  • KAMAZ-6396 – three-axle chassis, not intended for installation of armor;
  • KAMAZ-63968 – an armored version of the modification KAMAZ-6396;
  • KAMAZ-6398 – four-axle version KAMAZ-6396 without reservation;
  • KAMAZ-63988 – armored version of “6398”.

Modern technologies

Well, and it is Typhoon – It is a complex of on-board information management systems (CICS).

The CICS accepts data for the vehicle.

In fact, a lot of information on “Typhoon” not published in official press. It simply doesn’t exist.

In the Russian military industrial complex. Everything has been adopted or accepted from scratch.

Tactical secrets

It can be noted.

This is the case for armored vehicles. It has been shown for the Soviet Union.

What is the result

You can make it.

Since the Soviet times. I think, it’s not even worth saying. We wish the same KAMAZ “Typhoon” good luck


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