Kerambit Morphing Karambite

After a year of rethinking and retesting, folding kerambit Morphing karambit version 2.0 by Joe Caswell is finally ready. MKV2 demonstrates a different deployment method and simpler design, which, in general, greatly facilitates the full-scale production of this model in the future.

“Actually, this is a complete redesign,” reports Joe Caswell. “There is not a single detail, besides fasteners, that would remain the same as it was.”

And if in February he promised just a more optimized design, then the result was a complete rethinking of the knife deployment method. Instead of a squeezing motion, as in MKV1, MKV2 unfolds by pushing the thumb on the lever. At the same time, the new technique is not only much more intuitive, but does not deprive us of the main advantage in the form of instant disclosure from ready-made grip. “The knife, moreover, is revealed much quieter. than before, while he is much more fit into the concept of the original idea “- explains Kasvel.

MKV1 - the original version of kerambitMKV1 – the original version of kerambit

The first version of folding kerambit Morphing karambite could withstand heavy loads, but fewer moving parts and more rigid construction make MKV2 even more effective in terms of countering direct shocks and holding off counterattacks. The new locking system is now disabled by clicking on the tab, located just below the thumb (see the video below), and now it doesn’t need an additional lock, as in the original version.

Overall ergonomics also improved. The two moving levers forming the handle were further rounded for greater ease of use. And despite the fact that the new folding kerambit weighs as much as the original, reducing the size of parts by almost 33 percent makes it much smaller and more comfortable to wear.

Joe Kaswell is currently working on 7 working prototypes. Morphing karambite. Two of them will be sold to successful connoisseurs. And then the designer will have to seriously take up the adaptation of the design for large-scale production. He decided to seek funding through kickstarters or similar platforms, but he suspects that the very idea of ​​a “limited release” may hamper widespread popularity. The master believes that his knives should be available to the general public, therefore he is negotiating with large and not very knife labels about a possible partnership.

MKV1 aroused some interest. Let’s see how the attitude will change when I demonstrate working prototypes of kerambit to the general public. MKV2“Says Caswell.

Spending more than a year on Morphing karambite, Kasvel seriously considers the concept of a platform that changes shape as the basis for his next projects. Before starting work on folding kerambit, he had almost ready this concept. But it was decided not to start with him. But now it will be quite possible to pay attention. In addition, Kaswell is working on other engineering solutions that are not related to the concept of a “shape-changing blade”.

“After I finish this development, my next project will be a big step forward. It will be a rather unusual and unexpected approach to familiar things, which, I hope, will bring real benefits, ”says Joe.

Well what can I say. Karambit is interesting in itself. Folding karabit – more interesting. And folding kerambit, which is not like anything that came before it, is generally. As for specific data, they are as follows:

  • Blade length: 2.5 inches
  • Blade thickness: .210 inches
  • Steel for the blade: CPM3V, Peter’s HT, 61 RC
  • Unfolded length: 7.125 inches
  • Weight: 6.0 oz

As for the cost, then until the knife went into mass production, it’s too early to talk about it. Soothes only the fact that the master really wants his creations to be available to the general public. Well, let’s see. I think those who wish to acquire this unusual kerabit will be enough.

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