Kershaw Select Fire. Knife multitool with universal screwdriver

The guys from Kershaw continue to delight with various novelties. This time they fired another knife. Kershaw select fire – judging only by the name, determine what he “can”?

  • Spread the fire? By
  • It helps to choose a target or fire mode? Not the same either.
  • Does the flame change color immediately? This is all kind of magic.

Kershaw Select Fire Knife for breeding, controlling and extinguishing fire no one way not applicable. But he has other useful additions. To begin with, this is a multitool. Yes, a retractable screwdriver is hidden. Not even she at all. This is a bit holder, whose angle can be fixed at 90 or 180 degrees. It is a bit of a screwdriver. Hid bits, 4 pieces. Two cross and two shpitzovyh.

This is not all the advantages. Knife Kershaw select fire “Obeeruky.” Two clips on each side. And for left-handers and right-handers.

We turn to the blade. The knife is made of steel 8CR13MoV. For the uninitiated, let us explain that this steel is excellent. She sharpens easily and effortlessly, she holds it for a very long time.

The main plus. There is a recess. It is made for the bit holder head. But it also serves as a bottle opener.

Finally, talk about the parameters. The knife is small and fits easy in your pocket. It is also very easy.

Kershaw Select Fire options

Blade length 85 mm
Open knife length 193 mm
Length of the folded knife 108 mm
Weight 153 gr

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Kershaw Select Fire. Knife multitool with universal screwdriver

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