Kershaw Storm II folding knife, overview and review.

He came from a trip around the Crimea with a folding knife Kershaw Storm II. According to the owner, I post some of his impressions of using this knife. 

Kershaw Storm II folding knife, overview, review and experience.

Full length 204 mm
Blade length 93 mm
Blade material steel 13C26 Sandvik
410 steel handle with tabs from Track-Tec
Blade Thickness 2.4 mm
Stick thickness 8 mm
The clip is rearranged

Kershaw Storm II blade, some impressions.

Matt, sandblasting, descents from the butt, the blade narrows to the tip, the bevel on the butt, but not false, just deep chamfers. The edge of the blade is slightly raised, which gives the knife a dangerous and predatory appearance. The line of the cutting edge at the blade of this folding knife is S-shaped, so you need to get used to editing and sharpening.

Kershaw Storm II folding knife, overview and review.

Kershaw Storm II handle, some impressions.

A thin metal handle made of 410 steel, of which the lock is a part. There are no overlays. Very flat and comfortable for trouser pockets. Pleasant, rough grip inserts from Track-Tec. After long use, they begin to tear the fabric of the pocket of the trousers.

At the beginning, the handle is greatly expanded and forms a kind of pseudo-guard, which prevents the hand from slipping. The clip is wide, round, no discomfort from use, regardless of which hand to hold the knife, right or left.

On the handle there are many holes and rough inserts. For opening with one hand, a double-sided beveled pin is provided. Quite convenient, when using discomfort no causes.

Kershaw Storm II Folding Knife General Summary.

After a brief use of the Kershaw Storm II folding knife, these impressions have accumulated:

Everything soft is constantly sticking to his blade when cutting products, these are the features of processing his blade.
Under all the same conditions, the 13C26 steel rusts, and for some reason the 410 steel handle.
This folding knife is really very convenient, although it was believed that the shape of the handle will not contribute to a very long work.
A kind of seriator is quite working, does not require painstaking sharpening, but is sharpened easily and simply.
The shape of the blade of this folding knife is convenient for cutting and opening operations.
Very thin and lightweight folding knife, quite comfortable to wear due to the thin handle.

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