KeyBiner: Key ring carabiner and multitool for EDC

EDC-kits – quite profitable occupation. Even Fortius arms, previously announced release Keybiner, hybrid carbine and key rings. But the thing turned out to be a number of useful functions. Anything from wrenches to a USB stick. And, of course, the ability to store keys. Initially, kickstarter, but now Keybiner can be bought directly from Fortius arms.

That’s what they say about him:

Fortius arms announced the release of a new Keybiner, multitool for carrying keys. It is clear that there is no need for a car key and a ringing keychains.

Also Keybiner equipped with a flat screwdriver, 1/4 ”, flat screwdriver 1/4”, 1/8 ”, 3/16”, 1/4 ”, flat screwdriver, 5/16”, 3/8 ”and 10 mm.

Designed sturdy and resilient, Keybiner assembled from aviation aluminum, copper or titanium – depending on the model. Corners that could damage belts, backpacks or something else. A unique locking mechanism is used. Keybiner.

There are 7 different models available: Plain Aluminum ($ 35), Red Aluminum ($ 40), Black Aluminum ($ 40), Copper ($ 45), Plain Titanium ($ 65), Blue Titanium ($ 70) and Titanium Bronze ($ 70). It can be minimized, but it can be minimized. Also you can add a flat flash drive at 32 gigabytes.

Keybiner – A more advanced version of the standard used carbine. It is a complete key silence. We also added your daily needs. Besides, in Keybiner Or your damage your clothes.

Bottle Opener

Of course, you can.

Screwdriver, screws and stuff

There is a small screwdriver, a small lever (montage) file.

Screws and structure can be changed Keybiner under many keys as you need. (Up to 14 keys, depending on the size, shape and orientation)

  • 3/8? 1-6 keys for the storing keys
  • 1/2? 1-10 keys for screws
  • 3/4? 1-14 keys for screws

Additional USB flash drive:

Adds a slim 32 GB USB flash drive to your Keybiner

KeyBinner color options:

You can buy on the manufacturer’s website


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