Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

Taking your children camping can be one of the most fun outings you can have as a family. It’s a way that you can all be together where you really spend your time together. With other vacations it is too easy for your children to wander on their own doing other things and really can not spend time together.

However, with the camp, you have the opportunity to really talk to each other, play games and just have fun, but only if you get the right camping equipment for kids to start.

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

The best thing you can do for your children is to involve them in the camp. It will give them the opportunity to learn some valuable life skills, which they can use in the future if they are ever trapped in the desert or even skills that will be transferable to other areas of their life. If you are diligent in teaching them when you go camping, you will have children who are self-sufficient and able to take care of themselves even in difficult situations. It’s something you really can not afford not to teach them.

The equipment

However, first, let’s talk about the different types of camping equipment that you can and should have for your child. There are several pieces of camping equipment for children that you can buy.

Remember that you do not want your younger children to use full-size camping gear because it is going to be too big for them and could make it difficult for them to complete the tasks you want them to do. Certain types of equipment can be too bulky to carry if you also get them in a full-size version, so keep that in mind and make sure your children are the right size for their needs.

Sleeping bag

The first thing your children will need is a sleeping bag. This is where they go to sleep, but it is also a team that they must wear, so you should make sure it is the right size for them. A sleeping bag should have a classification high enough so that they can easily sleep in the expected climate. Remember that there are different classifications and you do not really want to use a bag at a temperature for which you are not qualified because it could get cold and that will cause illness (something you definitely do not want for your child).

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

To accompany your child’s sleeping bag, you may also want to get a sleeping pad or a mattress to lift them off the floor. When you sleep on the floor, you are susceptible to the cold and dampness that you are not when you get up off the ground. After all, dirt and rock under your sleeping bag stay cold at night and can get wet if there is snow or rain nearby and your tent is not completely sealed. By putting your sleeping bag over a coat or a sleeping pad, you make sure that no cold or moisture enters the bag.


Not everyone wants their children to sleep in a tent on their own, but they can choose to bring their own one they can carry. It is not necessary to be very large unless you have several children sleeping in the same store.

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

Remember that in the best case, you can carry all your equipment and that means a small tent (although you do not need to carry everything on a trip). The tent should be waterproof and sealed so that moisture does not get it. You may want one that also has a rain guard so that the moisture that accumulates during the night comes off instead of accumulating on top.


The specific tools you want your child to have for camping will depend on their age because you do not want anything they can hurt themselves with. For children a little larger a Swiss Army Knife It is a good idea because it is a small tool that can be easily transported. In addition, it will provide several tools that can be used in case of emergency, such as a pocket knife, a corkscrew, scissors, openers and much more. There are also some that have utensils that can be excellent to throw in your package in case you need it for something.

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

Another tool is a Lantern. The smaller size flashlights are excellent because they help your child when they need to go outside at night. Of course, he will watch his son while camping. Still, in a survival situation, you’ll want them to know how to use a flashlight and definitely have one so they can get where they need to go without being hurt.

This will also help them in their own store when they are installing or if they are doing something before falling asleep. Available in a variety of sizes, you will find many reasons why your child should have their own flashlight, but also a flashlight that can be carried and directed more easily instead of illuminating the space in which they are.

Walkie Talkie We will allow your child to stay in touch with you or with any other person if they are separated during a survival situation. Because they can be changed at different frequencies, it is possible that despite having a specific set, you can make touches on other sets and someone can listen to them. This is also important for your camping trips, as you can always keep in touch with each other and you do not have to worry about whether you decide to wander a little on your own (as long as they are older).

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

If you are going to camp a lot, another great thing is to have a couple of binoculars. Not only are they great if you need to explore something, they are also great to look at all the fun things that surround you, from birds and animals to trees and shrubs.

You can get a clearer idea of ​​your surroundings and you can teach your children to look closely at their environment, including how to monitor markers when they travel or signs of something close to them, such as an animal, water or even another person. .

A headlamp It can be another great addition, but it does not replace a normal flashlight and / or flashlight. These lamps help your child see where he is walking, but without losing the use of his hands. In some cases, this will be better than a flashlight, but in others you may need that traditional flashlight.

There are several different strengths available for headlights that have enough brightness so you can see anything and others that are going to be less vibrant but still easy to move.

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

Traveling abroad can be difficult to find out where you are or in which direction you are going. Even if you want to try to teach your child more about finding your way using the sun or trees, you should also get them. Prepared with your own compass that will help them make sure they are going in the right direction. Be sure to teach them how to use it correctly so they can always get where they need to go, even if something goes wrong.

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

Finally, a bottle of water and snacks should always be in your bag. This guarantees that, if something happens to them, they will always have something to keep them a little in food and water, two of the most important things for their overall survival.

By packing a couple of granola bars or other healthy snacks in your bag with a bottle full of water at all times, your bag will be a little heavier, but you will also be ready to keep them alive in case the unthinkable happens. You need to survive in the desert.

Warm clothes

No matter what time of year or where you go camping, you want your child to have warm clothing. The nights can cool down no matter where you are and you want your child to always be prepared for that. That means making sure they have long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, socks, gloves and a jacket in case something happens.

If you go camping in the colder months, you will want to also have a sweatshirt, boots and shirts and thermal or insulated pants to wear under normal clothes. The last thing you want is for your child to suffer from frostbite or hypothermia after all.

Hand warmers

Whether you choose generic hand warmers that only have to break and start to warm up for a few hours or some of the electronics that are starting to become more popular, you can find several different hand styles. heaters, body heaters, foot warmers and much more that will help your child stay at least a little warm when the weather is cold and they are walking or wandering outside.

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

Make sure that any type of heater you have knows how to use them and they will be safe.

Fire Starter

Available in several different styles and types, fire starters can be just a handful of twigs and grass or they can be more complicated or even purchased in the store. You want to make sure that not only have some, but also know how to use them.

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

If you give them the fire starters and they can not make fire with them, it will not do them any good. So teach them some different methods of starting the fire and, if they are old enough, make sure they have a lighter in their backpack to help them.

Your package

It is essential that you have a package when you go camping and especially when you try to teach your child about survival. A package is the best way for them to carry all their belongings and they should be small and light enough for them to carry, but large enough to carry all the equipment they may need.

Many packages now come with a layer of water that sticks to the inside of the bag and allows you to drink the water without removing the bag from the back. This is great if you are trying to travel long distances because you do not need to take a bottle of water out of your bag and then stop to put it back on.

Just for fun

Now, if you and your children go camping just for fun, there are other tools and toys that you can take with you so you can have a good time, but they will not be very good if you are trying to survive. in the desert. These are tools that allow you to experience being outdoors and prepare your own dinner on fire or learn to make sounds like the birds that surround you.

When you have fun outdoors, you will teach your children to feel more comfortable there and that will definitely help them if they are in a survival situation.

Bird calls

These are definitely fun and can teach your children the different sounds birds make.

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

Although the call of the bird itself will not help, knowing the different sounds of the different birds could help identify the types of birds that live in different areas and understand a little more about where they are if a dangerous situation exists. they are either in an unknown area of ​​the forest or desert.

Campfire cookware

Whether you’re looking to make cakes, cupcakes, grilled cheese or anything else, there are many cooking tools that will help you with the process. Of course, these will be too big and bulky to take them if you are in trouble, but otherwise, they will be very fun and your children will definitely want to have them.

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

Actually, there are some specially designed for children that are a little smaller and lighter so your child can hold them and cook their own food instead of depending on you to do it for them.

Teaching their children about the desert

There are all kinds of things you want to teach your children when you take them out to camp. Sure it’s about having fun and spending time together, but it’s also about preparing them for situations where you do not know what’s going to happen and that means teaching them some basic survival skills that will ensure they are always prepared in the future. whenever something can happen or even if they decide to make it really tough when they grow a little more.

Making them start with that camping equipment for kids will excite them when they grow up and really need the knowledge.

Tie knots

This is probably one of the most useful skills you can teach your children. By showing them how to tie different knots, you are preparing them for anything and everything. You use knots in your normal daily life for small things you do not even think about, but you also use them to tie a fishing line, tie food from a tree away from the animals and build your tent. By teaching your child the basics from the beginning, it will give them something they will have fun with and also a practical skill.

Light a fire

Definitely something to save until they are a little older, starting fires is a skill that will also serve them, as long as it teaches them the importance of fire safety and when and where a fire should start. Show them some different methods using a lighter and a fire lighter and using flint and steel or any other method you know.

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

There are many of them out there and having a good foundation on how to start them is going to be important.

First aid

Teaching your child basic first aid, either through their own course or in a Red Cross class, will prepare them for the future, even if there is never an emergency situation in which they need survival skills.

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

Many times they find themselves in a situation where someone needs some basic first aid and, if they know what to do, they could be of great help to someone who needs it and who does not like that. Your son could end up being a hero.

Cooking in a campfire

Start when your children are young by teaching them how to respect a fire and then work to teach them how to do something in that fire.

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

You want at least to be able to cook small things about the heat because, first of all, it is a fun thing to do when you are camping, but also because, in a survival situation, it will be essential that you can cook food easily. without worrying about getting burned (or at least without too much concern).

Why camping equipment for children?

You should make sure you are buying equipment designed specifically for children when you start using them, especially if your children are younger. The smaller they are, the more they will need something that is built for their hands and their strength. It is likely that a teenager can carry a full size package, but a child will need a smaller one because anything too big could cause him to fall or he could put too much strain on his back and hurt them. The children’s equipment is manufactured specifically for a child to carry without too much difficulty.

The key is to be attentive to this type of equipment that is still real. Many places want to sell children’s versions of camping material that are not of very good quality. They sell cheap plastic tools and utensils when you want something that will really last or they sell you a sleeping bag made to spend the night in someone’s house instead of something that will last outside sleeping in a tent.

Do not let yourself get caught up in something you’re not sure about. There are many options available for your child’s camping gear, but make sure it is a good company and that it will last a lot camping.

Kids Camping Gear: Enjoy A Fun Family Weekend

Take your children to camp as much as you can. It will teach them some excellent life skills and help them have fun with the family as well. There are too many families that simply do not spend more time together and that is not something you want for your family. So take some time to go camping. The more you do when your children are young, the more they will love doing it when they grow up too. After all, camping is about having a little fun.

The more your children know how to do out in the desert on their own, the better they will be. They will know how to take care of themselves just for fun, but with the proper camping equipment for the children they will also know how to take care of themselves when a dangerous situation arises.

What will start as fun could become essential somewhere along the way, so be sure to have your children ready. As they grow, they continue to work with them in increasingly advanced skills. They will be ready for anything that comes before you know it.

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