Kiev Sea

Do you know how many seas on the planet? About 90. Can you name them? Bering, Baltic, White, Yellow, Red, Black, Mediterranean …

Have you heard of the Kiev Sea?

The Kiev Sea is an amazing man-made creature. It is able to rejoice and be angry, offended and crying. But it is never evil.

When you want to be alone, sit down and be silent. Sometimes you talk to the sea. And you are answered by a mysterious whisper of water.

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!

The sea stops breathing. It is covered with a thick duvet, and falls asleep. But the sea is still a bit of a scattering sound.

It is clear that there has been a loss of time. There is a white frozen “field” on the water.

It is slowly melting.

Glowing sparkles of fussy sunbeams running over the hem. It is always glad to meet you in a white lace cap. And sometimes you can try to mix him up with splashing and diving.

But what is the most interesting, the Dnieper water in principle is yellowish. This is especially clearly seen during the spring and autumn. It is not necessary to know how to travel.

And it happens that the sea is sometimes angry. Then it calls for a cold wind in the companions, it puts on a cold mantle and splashes cold indignation around. And seagulls, like a nannies in a snow-white aprons, rush him. Then the sun comes to the seagulls. From the brilliance of the sea, the sea calms down. But for a long time she was scattered by him – unwary fish, broken gangways, someone’s lifeline. Sometimes amber comes across – we live in a pine land.

Yes, this is our wonderful neighborhood.
Amazing near. You just need to see it.

Photos provided by lissa_ua

Kiev Sea

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