“Killing” combo: Use the knife

Personal safety – this is a constantly changing environment in which the methods of the old school are combined with modern technologies to create the so-called “perfect fighter“(Well-rounded combative). This is a person who masterfully owns several sets of combat techniques.

Take a chance

It is difficult to predict how you will have to fight for your life, what you will have to face, and whether this will happen at all. It is for this reason that a balanced approach to training equipment will be correct. Instead of wasting time on “heroism” in your insanely expensive super-camouflage equipment, better imagine the most likely scenario and proceed from this.

Of course, the fact that a zombie apocalypse will come is quite possible, and you know an excellent survival plan for this case, but at the same time try to focus on your daily life.

Try to predict the alignment of events with close contact, or at a distance when you can touch bad guy, if, of course, he has not yet brought you down to the ground and is not hanging over you. Because in this case, events develop at an accelerated pace. So fast that you may not have the slightest chance to use your super weapons, so you have to fight hand to hand.

Catch the moment

In his article On the lessons of wrestling at close range (to be published a little later – approx. Last day club) I talked about the constant search for the best. weapons or positions. You are always trying to come up with something new, whether it is a search for shelter or simply avoiding a collision.

You can start with a bottle of beer, gradually starting to use pistol, and then, if possible, your rifle.

Such a logical chain of successive measures best allows you to act and not let events take their course.

Delving into the specifics of the situation, pay attention to those successful moments when you can use the time advantage, or the opportunity to take a better position, or use a weapon. Right now you have the opportunity to become aware of yourself as the master of the situation as a knife, or even a pistol, turns out in your hands that are still empty.

Why choose? Use both types of weapons!

And finally, we turn to the topic of this article – combining knife and firearm. Here we have in mind the use of one type of weapon initially, but with the intention to use the second one if necessary. In my life there were several cases where I felt much more confident with a knife in my hand as a supplement to a pistol, since such an arrangement opens up many possibilities.

This assumes that you have outstanding skills both types of weapons with just one hand.

Critical and vital skill is strong hand shooting. You should be able to open fire on targets at different distances without the slightest doubt, in situations of varying degrees of difficulty. In addition, if you already got cold weapons, it often happens that it is better not to use it immediately. Keeping the knife closed will be sensible, since an open blade can create additional problems.

Maximum damage in a short time

Simultaneous use the knife and firearms at close range completely changes the course of events. It is important to understand that this is not so much about timely snatching of weapons, but about inflicting the greatest harm to the enemy with the help of both types of weapons in the shortest possible time in order to break contact or prepare for a collision with even more threats.

Your awareness of the places of wounding with a knife and pistol is extremely important, and if the knowledge for each type of weapon overlaps, then you need to understand the intricacies.

The effectiveness of the use of both types of weapons by people who thoroughly know all the most important moments is truly amazing.

I had the honor to be familiar with some guys who, having mastered one of the weapons perfectly, worked wonders when using knife and pistol combinations.

Summing up, we came to the following – you can not predict a situation in which you could find yourself, but you can control the level of your training. The simultaneous use of a knife and a firearm is not only practical, but also a very effective option for resolving the conflict.

Regards, Jeff Gonzales

(Jeff gonzales) was a member of the “Seals” detachment of the United States naval forces, respected and repeatedly awarded to military personnel who participated in numerous military operations around the world. Now he is using his military knowledge as president of Trident Concepts, which has established itself as a weapon manufacturer, tactician and threat detection technician. Using a creative approach, experience in successful combat operations, and lessons learned at a military base in New South Wales, Trident Concepts has been recognized as a leader in its industry by many federal, state, and local organizations. Those interested in the “Trident Concepts” curriculum can either visit tridentconcepts.com or contact the phones and email listed there for more information.

“Killing” combo: Use the knife and gun at the same time

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