Knife Benchmade U.S.A Limited edition 172 of 250

Please describe your favorite knife, it is akin to a request to name your favorite child. Every blade is a favorite. Each was bought at a certain point in life, under certain circumstances, for certain, considerable hard-earned money. Therefore, I went from the simple – “The knife, which recently hangs on the belt.”

Benchmade U.S.A Limited edition 172 of 250

Bunny, on which hellish money was spent – something in the region of 400 euros (I do not remember exactly, because it was bought in Russia, in a state of insanity). Generally, of course, overpaid. A hundred precisely draped precisely for status “Limited”. But the remaining three hundred are justified by 136%. Powder S30V – not killed steel. By and large – one of the best in performance. Do not blunt, do not crumble, sharpened with two easy movements.

Note: S30V – stainless steel, “Balanced” in the chemical sense so as to ensure the optimal selection and crystallization of carbides, which further give the steel increased wear resistance without serious degradation of strength and toughness. S30V is designed specifically to meet the needs of the knife industry in quality steel with very high strength properties.

Steel S30V with 1.45% carbon, it has an excellent combination of good wear resistance and toughness. How does the S30V behave in operation? This steel was subjected to numerous tests by the manufacturers of knives, and their opinions converge: blades made of this steel perfectly keep sharpening, and their anti-corrosion properties are also excellent.

The shape of the blade – to “cut.” Of course, it is also possible to stab, but the sharpening line and the criminal code indicate that it was not for that reason that it bloomed. Stimulants for temporary insanity that triggered the purchase were two factors:

  1. Handle. G10 – it goes to hand itself – whether you want it or not. It lies down and lies like this – warm, soft, pliable. Ideally anatomically verified, it does everything so that if you take it in your hand, you would not want to let it go.
  2. Castle. Benchmeidovka chip – not killed sliding clip.

With a certain skill, it works on inertial ejection, although this is already a show off, of course. For the usual opening – double-sided button on the blade. Despite the outward decorativeness, the knife is really assembled, as for itself, without the slightest “On from .. by.” The branches and even the logs were planed with a knife, everything that can be cut was cut – it becomes dull slowly, it is sharpened very quickly. I am ashamed to confess, but I even tried to throw it. Throw a skladnik, it’s like … Dick knows how. You can not throw skladniki, in short. But. The slightest backlash. Generally not the slightest. And not a single scratch.

In summary, I can say one thing: in the store, you already buy it in hell. Snapped up all 250. So envy in silence and wait for someone to want to sell it. Then buy without thinking. And an overpayment of 100 euros for “Limited” – … Well, what is 100 euros today? … It is not such an overpayment.

Alexey Stetjuha

Steel arms

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