Knife Cold Steel GI Tanto. Severe and not killed

It would seem, why do I GI Tanto, If I already have a Recon Tanto? Simply GI I appeared earlier for a simple reason: I needed a severe hack for sane money. And he hacked one in which I would be sure. And in this situation, what I came across was Cold steel, I took it solely as a gift from heaven.

TTX GI Tanto:

  • Steel blade: Carbon 1055
  • Rockwell hardness: (according to Cold steel) 62-64
  • Total length of a knife: 300 mm
  • Blade length: 185 mm
  • Maximum blade width: 39 mm
  • Butt thickness: 4 mm
  • Handle Material: Polypropylene
  • Weight: 335 g
  • Sheath: Secure-Ex plastic

For the price, this orcblade is twice as cheap as the Recon Tanto (now it costs 3.5-4 thousand, I once bought a new one for 1900). In brutality even surpasses it a little. This is the apotheosis of simplicity and severity. If in Recon Tanto there is really a hint of beauty, and even some elegance, then here … No. None of this is in sight. Generally it is the knife of the army of Mordor. Black, angular, big and scary. In fact, this is a piece of iron weighing a third of a kilogram, with a plastic handle on the screws. The only thing that spoils it in the Russian version is the stoked edge. That does not greatly detract from his piercing ability. As for the rest, this is exactly the severe rubilovo / pyryalovo, and not only severe, but also gloomy. And this is its charm.

In general, the knife translates the severity of his whole appearance. Starting from the dimensions, ending with the thickness of the black coating and its very design. And in this all he is absolutely self-sufficient. He is not trying to flirt with the potential owner. In the twilight he can not even notice the cutting edge and just take it for a piece of iron of a fancy shape. It is as simple as a shovel.

What? When cutting the roots got a stone? Tink – fuck ignored, waltz. Got a nail when chopping a board? Well, take a log, knock on it harder, if you really so stubborn idiot is not in yourself. Then just go through some stiffer bar. There will be nothing for the blade, it will be a little blunt, but it is okay, correct it and it will be like new … How new? Well, yes, probably, the orc blades were so generally rusty, they got into service, and nothing. Similarly, here.

Even the coating comes off him and then with difficulty. Loads do not remove it with flakes (than others sometimes sin CS) and they make in it harsh and palpable furrows.

The handle is simple and primitive. You can work with a knife with a bare hand, but the best thing is still in a glove, because the lining is polypropylene and through it is rather slippery. And in gloves – no problem. And if the lining breaks, then again – fuck it, ignore, waltz. Wind the paracord, metal cable, but at least put the wood on the glue – anything will look appropriate on this knife and organically. This knife forgives … But no, he does not forgive, he just does not pay attention to any damage until it breaks in half.

Through it in it – there is not a single gram of ergonomics. Understand correctly knife comfortable, but looking at it, the word “ergonomics” with a shriek runs into the deep forests. All the ergonomics in it is connected solely with the Secure-Ex sheath, that is, against the background of the knife itself, they look very comfortable and ergonomic, with all their regular advantages and disadvantages.

And here lies one curious moment. The fact is that, according to the statements Cold steel, Carbon 1055 steel on this knife has a maximum of 62-64 units. And while breaking the knife is really difficult. How many times he fell from me, how many times I heard “tink” when removing unwanted roots on the site. He is still intact, no chipping in the RK, no damage. It just works.

And in the end it turns out a very strange thing. Many have a question: “And why is he needed this?”

Yes, he can be militant, maybe military, maybe bivivny a knife. But in general, the longer I work with them (and with the advent of Recon Tanto – GI It was not abandoned) the more I understand that this is in the full sense of the word survival knife. Only without all these fashion files, “storage” in the handle and the compass on the back plate.

it knife, with which you can cut a tree, strip off the bark from it, chop off all the branches, make holes in the trunk, and collect a hut on the basis of all this. And it can be left in the damp, you can stick into the ground. It will rust, but it will work. You can remove the lining from him, tied to a tree and get a spear. You can fasten a shorter branch and get an ax … Yes, in extreme cases, you can make a paddle from it. Because with his help you will cut down a tree, from which with his help you will make a boat for yourself.

It is really very simple, very good and very reliable. knife. Well, the fact that he looks more like a blade for the orcs … Well, what to do, you see, this also has its charm.

Special offer for readers – you can buy this knife from an authorized dealer in Russia, with the promotional code “LASTDAY” for a 10% discount

P.S. In order to understand what kind of a knife, look at this playlist. The knife began to pass only in the 6th part. And in general, in order to bring the knife to its final (broken-down in the trash) state, it had to be naturally destroyed. During my “tests” (because they are not tests, but mockery) my heart bleeds. Yes, he is not the only knife, the murder of which a person took 8 videos. But the only one that costs 20 bucks.

In the photo you can discern the scale of the disaster.

And pay attention, the point is not broken, but it is necessary to inscribe a knife in our legal framework.

Wolf ops

Steel arms

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