Knife Cold Steel Mini Tac. Compact battle cleaver

Why do we need small knives? If we do not take into account quite toys, such as CRKT Minimalist and others, which by and large are toys for the soul and whether they are like completely auxiliary knives, if you do not want to frighten those around you with some Spartan, Espada or Paul Force. It is clear that a knife, whatever its size, is a knife, and if you know how to use it, then it will be enough.

But today it will not be about such “babies”, but about the so-called “compact urban Fixed”. These are clumsy knives of small size with compact blades and oriented specifically to self-defense. Why precisely on self-defense, and not on economic needs?

The fact is that any “Nozhevik” will tell you that an inconsistent knife is better than a folding one, because its … No need to fold it out. No, the possibility of getting confused and mistaken when extracting and bringing to combat readiness. That is, understand correctly, you can train to work extraction with any folding knife. Fortunately, there are such things as Emerson’s wave, there is a copper-style washer (like on the same Rajah), which allow you to open the knife in the process of removing it from your belt or pocket without interfering with the fine motor skills of your fingers.

Nevertheless, it is highly likely that the knife will not fully open or become entangled in clothing. Fixed forgives all these errors if you wear it correctly. Why immediately talk about self-defense? Although I usually try to say nothing on this subject, due to the huge number of “experts” on this issue. You can blame me yourself, because I wrote that the knife for self-defense is not suitable.

I will not talk about what to read carefully and not ascribe to me what I did not say. Just say that in life there are different situations and people. Some people knife they are also worn in order to apply it at the first urgent need.

For ordinary urban wear with ordinary urban tasks (cut food, a string, cut a twig, and any chores), any folding knife is enough, even if Victorinox with Wenger. If someone sometimes needs strength work, there are folding knives from the same Cold steel (Voyager, Recon 1) and other serious knives. The need to Fixed for business purposes in the city is not justified. Even those to whom the knife is laid out according to the state prefer folding knives in the city, simply because they have at least another gun before the knife, or something more serious.

That is why the ungainly knife in the town is a rare guest. In addition, in principle, for our native organs, any clumsy knife causes a state close to joyful hysteria about the capture of a “dangerous unbalanced criminal” and the subsequent reward for such merit. Consequently, it completely disables their brain. That, in turn, leads to long unpleasant explanations, disputes, arguments to the laws / GOST / certificates, loss of time. Well, if you are not stubborn enough – and then to the loss of a knife and hassle. Yes, yes, do not be surprised, our employees still love to “squeeze” the knives that interested them, hoping that they will run into a person who can be intimidated and deceived by using his ignorance of the laws.

Therefore, the knife should be compact enough so that it can be worn unnoticed, and it didn’t cause the employees to shut off the brains by their appearance.
However, it’s said on this topic even without me, enough, so, finally, let’s move on to the main topic, for which all of this was written.

So here. Compact Urban Fixed. Honestly, for me, with my tastes, the ideal would be Benchmade Nim Cub II. Which, alas, the company Benchmade out of production. And in the end you have to look for other options.

Personally, my parameters are very simple:

  • Blade type American tanto (because I like this type of blades most of all).
  • The total size of not more than 20 centimeters.
  • The length of the blade is not more than 90 mm, it is possible and less, but not less than 75 mm.
  • Light.
  • Comfortable to wear (this mainly applies to the sheath).
  • Convenient to use.
  • Suitable for household needs.

In short, what to take is a problem. Honestly, after Benchmade I was truly upset by removing Nim Cub II from production, I found myself in a rather difficult situation. The fact is that manufacturers completely ignore AT-type blades in compact Fixed. The most minimal size that could be found is something like Aldo (Mr.Blade) or Schf-15 (Shrade). On the one hand, these knives are just very close to the overall boundaries of interest, and, in principle, practically fit. Aldo – and at all in a pleasant and fashionable now light version (both the handle and the sheath). Yes, and Schrade also fits in size, but it is quite cumbersome in itself, and with the sheath, and even more.

Of course, attentive citizens can remember that I have a Benchmade SOCP Dagger, as many as two pieces. But I will remind the previous part: one of its kind provokes the desire of employees to enroll you in a serial killer and squeeze such a knife for yourself. And it is completely inapplicable for household purposes (try cutting a tomato). You can also recall Timberline’s Mini PitBull, but I just don’t like it. Although the knife is good. As for my dearly loved products from CRKT, such as KISS (Ed Halligan or Stiff), they are also not very suitable for household needs.

To take a knife for the city only for self-defense is nonsense, the knife should still be economically functional. Their Side Hawg is not very easy to hold. The same applies to skeletal-type knives, such as Buck Csar-T Liaison, they can fit in size, but ergonomically it is usually inconvenient. And the recipe “wind the handle with a paracord” does not always help because of the design of the scabbard (after winding it stops climbing or fixing in the sheath). Crawford N.E.C.K. I simply do not lie in the hand, because it is small. No, of course, there is N.K.2 and N.K.3 from Extrema Ratio, but in this case the dimensions and price are unsatisfactory.

Again, knowledgeable and attentive people will immediately tell me that it is necessary to be more modest. Because I have two SOG Mini Pentagon. The blade they do not AT, it basically does not matter. But he has such a sheath … For such a sheath it is necessary to kill on the spot with a slingshot. In short, the SOG Mini Pentagon is completely unsuitable for concealed carrying, although it was originally conceived for this. You can, of course, just order a scabbard, but why waste with a scabbard if you can buy another knife. In general, if in brief, I just wanted to get myself another knife. So be aware.

By the way, if suddenly someone has versions and suggestions that you can take on such parameters, I will be glad to see your feedback in the comments. The most important thing is to feel it alive with your hands before you buy. I can take knives blindly, but not for serious purposes.

In short, I turned my eyes to friends and loved ones Cold steel. Why unexpected? Do you remember what this company produces? Crowbars and hacks. Compactness of the knife in understanding CS – this is a bit of a strange thing. Again, I have their byrd&Throut, but this is a purely self-defense knife, generally a cross between a non-writing tactical dystrophic pen and a scalpel. In addition, CS Brave Heart is with my beloved, but, first of all, its handle is completely inconvenient, secondly it’s a dagger, and thirdly, it’s not mine, but its knife. And my eyes fell on the series. Mini-tac, and there is just a knife performed by Tanto Plain.

TTH Cold steel mini tac:

  • Blade Material: Aus 8A
  • Hardness: 56-58 (Hrc)
  • Blade profile: Tanto
  • Cutting edge: Plain
  • Blade cross section: Flat Grind
  • Blade Coating: Stone wash
  • Handle mounting: Full Tang
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Sheath: Zytel®
  • Blade length: 80 mm
  • Knife length: 170 mm
  • Blade width: 2.7 mm.
  • Butt thickness: 3 mm.
  • Weight: 75 gr.

And that’s what’s interesting. In store photos, the knife looks deceptive. It looks large, and for some reason, personally, I was thinking about the spatula for the cakes. Even when I watched a couple of videos about this knife, this feeling was not completely over. But despite the declared dimensions, the knife is stubbornly perceived visually as rather large. In principle, it plays a subtle transition from the handle to the wide blade. Well, the habit of that CS little knives practically does not. And if it does, it is very specific (remember the same Spike series). What is the reality? In reality, this is really a very compact knife, quite comfortable, functional, but ambiguous.

But everything has its time.

At all Mini-tac positioned as a cervix. That is, complete with Secure-Ex scabbard is just the usual for CS chain. And the knife really fits the role of a neck, it weighs 75 grams by itself, along with 115 sheaths. The result is not a record one, but it is very decent for a non-skeletal type of knife of such dimensions. With all this, if you remove the chain, then it becomes difficult to carry a knife: there are no loops or hooks on it.

Special offer for readers – you can buy this knife from an authorized dealer in Russia, with the promotional code “LASTDAY” for a 10% discount

An interesting point: it perfectly enters the belt loops for trousers. Experiments have shown that if the loops are well sewn, then the knife does not fall out of them anywhere even under intensive loads (I tried it on Gorkov-3 and BH Taclite). Wherein Mini-tac It is very comfortable on the belt in a horizontal position and does not interfere at all.

In this case, the knife sits in the sheath like a glove, I managed to shake it out only by imitating the knife throwing with all my might, while holding only the sheath. That is, in reality, the probability that the knife itself “leaves” the scabbard is almost zero. Of course, the sheath itself is better, as it is, additionally fixed to the trousers, so as not to rely only on spreading loops, but this is already simple. Pick up the same chain or paracord to the belt or loop on the pants (if there is one) and everything, the problem is solved. Given that the sheath is not just “soldered”, but also on the grommets, it’s not terrible to drop them or knock them. It remains only to check the possibility of installing the tech-lock, and if it fits, then the sheath can be considered perfect for this type of knife.

Regarding functionality, everything is fine too. The blade is long enough to perform economic functions, but at the same time really small. And, for example, in comparison with the same SOG Mini Pentagon, the overall length of the RC is significantly larger due to the shape of the blade (one of the advantages of AT-type blades). That is, something to cut, clean the apple, cut the rope, and other small household needs the knife performs with ease, I will be at the same time only 17 centimeters long. It is clear that he can not all, but it is necessary to understand why this knife was originally made.

About the reliability of knives CS it is usually not customary to speak, but it is still worth making a small remark. Still, this knife is not for hard work, not sure if it is good at bending or kink. Slightly concave descents and subtle mixing allude to us, he still needs to cut, not pick, chop and saw. Yes, a butt of 3 millimeters, which by the standards CS at least a little, but enough to withstand a brief strong load. But again, not for this knife was made. And of course the transition from the blade to the handle is very thin – only 13 mm, also hints that you don’t need to unscrew anything with a knife, and you shouldn’t beat the back plate. Although of course the sad experience of the Blackhawk Kalista still suggests that if the knife breaks, then just in this place. So everything is as usual, if you use a knife for what it was made for, it will serve you for a long time. And to cut the rails … Well, I don’t know, take a grinder or something …

But with ergonomics is not so simple. And this is perhaps the most controversial place in the whole knife. On the one hand, it is clear that they tried to make the knife as comfortable as possible. And in principle, it happened. Surprisingly, the knife is comfortable even when the hand is in a tight glove. That is, it means that people with large hands, he also fits. Due to the notch and subfinger stop, the knife does not fly anywhere, even with sufficiently strong blows, and with a cut it is confidently controlled, without even trying to jump anywhere. That is, on the one hand – the handle is comfortable. And on the other … On the other, when you take it in your hand, you begin to think a very masculine thought: “Well, that would be centimeters … Well, at least half a santimetry would be …”

The fact is that the hilt Mini-tac – under confident three fingers. The fourth finger is actually the handle does not hold, but slightly feels. At first it is very unusual, and all the time it seems that the knife is not entirely confident in the hand. At first, constantly trying to somehow grab the knife so that it would hold it clearly with four fingers. And this is the main problem, the grip requires getting used to and training. Especially on fast retrieval. The fact is that the recess under the fingers (it is an emphasis) goes into the sheath, that is, with the grip of the handle, you must first remove it from the scabbard and only then put the finger there. The problem is that the grip, I remind you, in the base under three fingers.

That is, you need to make a habit of grabbing the handle not with the usual sequence of the little finger – nameless – medium, but only nameless and medium. If you cover the handle, starting with the little finger, then the index finger easily goes to the cutting edge, which is unsafe. That is, two options: either get used and train the grip on the extraction, or rework the sheath, so that they would not hide the subdeal recess. I do not see problems for myself, I learn quickly, I also form a habit, but for some it can really create problems. And still, the handle is missing at least 5 millimeters, and a centimeter better. At the same time the knife would not lose in compactness and in convenience of carrying.

So it’s hard to say. On the one hand, the knife is still comfortable. On the other hand, without having a workout, it can be difficult. So for a newbie, this is not the best option, which to the heap can cause problems even more than a warehouse.

What is the output? Interesting, functional knife but with ergonomic features that can deliver some difficulties. At the same time, it is really convenient, compact, urban fix, with quite ample opportunities for carrying options. Which can perform not only combat missions, but also work on the farm. It is quite inexpensive, from 3 to 3.5 thousand. And of course, very high quality made. With all the simplicity, no burrs, gaps and everything else. In short typical CS In this sense. Take it yourself or not … Decide for yourself. If you need a very compact awkward knife. If you are ready to get used to its ergonomic features, and you do not want to pay big money, then this may well be your option. Well, do not forget that this model of the knife is available with two more blades, in addition to AT, well, there is an option with a serraytor AT. So there is something to choose. I liked the knife, otherwise I would not have taken it.

Well, the photo to make it clearer, along with SOG Mini Pentagon and CS Mini Recon.

Wolf ops

Steel arms

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