Knife Cold Steel Rajah III. Pocket kukri

It’s about the smallest knife Rajah in the series. If the first and second knives are more folding machetes with blades based on kukri, then first Rajah III puzzling, after all, the basic functionality kukri laid it in the wheelhouse. And what can you chop with a small knife? Match? However, not everything is as simple as it may seem. Cold steel never makes knives that are impossible to put into practice.

In general, I probably can not stand it and speak on the topic of whining of the majority of surveyors, “I do not understand why this knife is needed” on the topic CS. But today is not about that.

It’s no secret that Lynn Thompson (the founder of the company Cold steel) and do not fool yourself to wave a knife (do not look at the envelope, the man is extremely agile and able), including a fan of historical fencing. If you look at the company’s assortment in detail, you will find that they make not only knives of various shapes and sizes, but also a whole slew of full-sized swords and other “cold toys”. Open the Swords section on their website and be surprised.

So, Lynn Thompson, as an irrepressible person, all the time dragging something from the world of large blades to the world of small ones. Take at least the legendary Spartan with a blade subtly hinting at a copis, or a novelty 2016 Colossus. Or the same series Rajah. It is clear that the blade that was originally many times larger, and focused on cutting, will be difficult to adapt for knife application and cutting, but the knife makers coped with these tasks perfectly well.

About TTX:

  • Blade: CTS BD1
  • Hardness: 56-58 HRC
  • Blade Profile: Drop Point
  • Edge of the blade: Plain
  • Blade cross section: Flat Grind
  • Handle: Grivory®
  • Lock: Tri-Ad-Lock
  • Blade length: 89 mm.
  • Knife length: 213 mm.
  • Blade width: 33 mm.
  • Butt thickness: 3.8 mm
  • Weight: 140 gr.

The fact is that the idea itself is small kukri looks ridiculous and ridiculous. The smallest kukri less than 4 inches in length. And these are the ones that go as a paper cutter. A blade Rajah III even less. But the difference in the thickness of the blade and different descents make Rajah much more suitable than the most compact kukri. Usual kukri As an economic knife, this file is a bad idea. With an average butt thickness of 5 mm and descents from the middle of the blade, kukri – This is a scrap that does not cut the same products, but breaks them. On the knife the CS has a butt of slightly less than 4 mm, and the descents come from the butt. Of course, when using a knife as a tool for hard work, such a configuration will have its drawbacks, but on the other hand, and what can be cut apart from the same lining with a blade of that size? In extreme cases, small bones or joints.

For heavier jobs there are heavier knives (same Rajah II), and this is still urban pudelen on idea. And his task is to cut. And here the interesting begins: due to the shape of the blade, it has a rather long RK (cutting edge). If you dealt with type knives Smatchet, then you perfectly understand what advantages the cutting edge gives to the outside on the cut. Unless here we deal with unilateral sharpening. As a result, the cut is quite malicious, although of course balancing in the direction of the handle requires a certain skill when working with a cut. In principle, to work with a knife, you need to tinker a little. What a rez that prick has the full specifics of blades of the type kukri.

But about cannibalism, not a word. We still see the knife as an economic tool. And how household, knife also quite a worker. Yes, of course, like all folding, it has a slight drawback in the form of an insufficient blade length. But due to the shape of the RK, this is slightly leveled. Descents from the butt, allow you to safely dismember the meat, fruits and vegetables. It’s possible not to talk about cutting ropes and wires, the knife copes with this very easily. In extreme cases, you can always chop some small dosochku.

At the same time it is normal jackknife, with all that is inherent in knives Cold steel. This is the most reliable tri-ad-lock lock, and steel liners in the handle, and a convenient washer for opening the knife, which simultaneously performs the function of wave (“automatic” opening of the knife when it is removed from the pocket).

Like all new knives from CS, to kukri there is a question: how will their new steel behave CTS BD1? There are no other questions to the design elements.

As a result, we can say that Rajah It has no particular disadvantages and advantages over ordinary ones. folding knives. It can be sharpened in a razor, and used as a cutter, can be used as a crowbar, although of course the same Recon 1 in this role is not seen as a much more adequate candidate. Although the knife from CS will still be stronger than other candidates. However, there is a weak point in the design of the knife, this is the so-called blade abdomen. Perhaps the only place that can not stand after the application of excessive force. Still, the descents of the butt is not the best solution for power loads.

So we have enough comfortable knife, with an ergonomic handle, and a fairly wide range of tasks. While moderately inexpensive (again, talking about the fact that we are not accustomed to the course 65-70), and quite reliable, if you do not use it thoughtlessly.

Special offer for readers – you can buy this knife from an authorized dealer in Russia, with the promotional code “LASTDAY” for a 10% discount

Of course, for the money now you can choose another knife, perhaps more interestingly executed. But it’s a matter of taste and personal choice, don’t think that Rajah III This is a unique knife, which has no analogues, and is able to offer its owner some unknown and inaccessible to others buns. This is just a good, quality-made knife, with an interesting blade. Personally, I like it.

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