Knife combat: Basic technique and knife tactics

Knife – multifunctional weapon capable of performing piercing, cutting and impact effects. Learning to own a knife and technique knife fight begins with the three types of effects. Actually, it is called “cutifbeat“(Commonly used abbreviation RCH).

Basic combat technique with a knife

According to a specific algorithm:

1. Mastering weapons

The mobility of the fingers. For the grip handle, it is possible to make it out.straight – the blade is turned away from itself, back – blade to itself), intercept the knife from one hand to another, changing the arbitrarily the type of grip.

Attention! This exercise is only educational! In real combat, all sorts of “cool feints” will cost you your life.

This is the case with the exercise time. The movement is carried out, the movement is carried out. work with a knife and keeping distance with other fighters).

2. Mastering the trajectories of impact

Knife taken by direct grip. This is a ballast. Infinite number of trajectories of motion hands with a knife.

The complication options are:

  • in move;
  • with the use of acrobatics;
  • in a group, keeping a distance (imitation of a battle with partners);
  • in conditions of limited space (narrow corridor, cluttered room, etc.);
  • free hand and feet;
  • knock-on, knock-on, knock-on, knock-on, knock-on, knock-on, knock-on, knock-on;
  • on mannequins (incrementally – from 1 to 8, it is possible and more).

It is made of a tightly twisted sheaf of grass, a strawberry, a towel, a towel, a towel, a towel, a towel, a towel, a towel, a towel, a towel.

3. Mastering the movement entirely

At this stage, the task trajectories into a single spatial “cobweb”. Punch-cut-prick-cut-grip-prick-cut, etc. The complication options are the same, plus a few more:

  • various surface reliefs;
  • work in water (knee, waist, chest, afloat, under water);

When working under water This will be a small amplitude;

  • with mobile dummies (from 1 and more);

Groups against:

  • surrounded;
  • in the mode of defense from the group (“in the stream”);
  • in attack mode on the group.

In the case of the knife

In martial art, there is a far-reaching approach (distance).

Vs armed with a knife, it makes it possible to use it.

It is the practice of the practitioners (it is practiced during the training). First will always have an advantage.

For opponents for kicks – groin, stomach and legs (first of all the knee joints), sometimes – the wrist of anne armed hands. Striking the wrist with the foot. The following is an increase in difficulty:

  • the stick is motionless;
  • the stick moves with the partner;
  • the stick moves independently of the partner.

However, you can make it. or slightly higher than you).

For stretching, of course. There are still many subtleties, but there is still a lot of subtleties. The direction of further improvement is work with sensations and emotions.

Knife combat: Basic technique and knife tactics

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