Knife combat – the benefits or harm

So-called “knife fight»So far widely known in very narrow circles. But there is progress, competitions are held (so far relatively small), exhibitions are organized and organized, this topic is discussed on the forums. In general, gradually knives are becoming popular. One can even say that the subculture of the so-called “nayfomanov” – or nozhevikov has already emerged.

Is it good or bad? On the one hand, it is certainly good that men are interested in weapons. And not just a weapon, but a decorated weapon, interestingly made. This contributes to the development of a male character and worldview – when exactly is a weapon a status symbol, etc. On the other hand, the disadvantages of the phenomenon are so great that they can outweigh all the advantages and advantages. And lead to dangerous extremes.

The disadvantage, first of all, is that none – the sharpest, the best, the most beautiful – the weapon will not make a man a man in the full sense and scope. Unfortunately, in our time, due to the lack of father education, many guys lack the necessary qualities and qualities of character. And instead of tempering the spirit, working on their inner content, they are bought for external beautiful attributes and they think that a “cool” knife will make them “cool”. But this is absolutely not the case.

A knife can’t give you confidence. “It is not a weapon that kills, but a man” – this is the principle of Russian hand-to-hand combat. The main thing is not what knife in your hand, but whether you can use it. Can you step over the threshold and use a weapon?

An unprepared person with a knife in his hands can be dangerous if he is all right with the psyche. But if his character is not tempered, even a grenade launcher in his hands will not help him. The problem is that many guys who do not think about it, believe that by buying a knife, they have already secured themselves, have fully worked everything that is needed. They do not think about the banal, simplest things.

The first is the ability to use, step over the inner threshold, use weapons against a living person. This is not as easy as it sounds. Anyway, a person has a certain internal ban on intraspecific aggression, the situation of using weapons for a person is extreme. Even just sticking a knife in the leg of a person in the case of street self-defense is not so easy. For some reason, few people think about this issue. Similarly, the owners of traumatic weapons are not engaged in working out of its fast pulling out. They think that the very presence of weapons in their pockets will protect them.

It is not enough to have a weapon, you need to have it in use.

In traditional society, the most important thing was not considered a technique, but a psychological readiness to use cold weapons. So it remains to this day. The most important thing is the ability to use a knife against a living person. Cut it, or stick a blade into it. Think, can you do this if the need arises (someone will attack you)? Honestly, to myself.

In a traditional society, children were taught from an early age not to be afraid of blood. The Spaniards had special games. One teenager kept two knives on a special frame – like the horns of a bull, and tried to pierce the second, which was supposed to dodge. Such games often resulted in injury or death, but they taught adolescents not to be afraid of knives and at the same time taught how to use them. Also, the children actively participated in the slaughter of livestock, which also taught them to the sight of blood, gave the ability to cut a living creature and so on.

And no “tests”, when they try to pierce any pork carcass wrapped in clothes and knives, do not contribute to the education of this skill. The maximum that can help is to participate in the slaughter of livestock.

Another point is that some “Nozheviki” are trying to build up a grip strength, beat them with a knife, as if they have the task of piercing not a jacket, or even a leather jacket, but knight armor. But the fact of the matter is that a knife is such a weapon, owning which, you can lightly kill a person, cut his vein, cut his throat, etc.

therefore knife fight – the phenomenon is very ambiguous. Moreover, now there are such delights as “sports knife fight, That in itself is absurd. Since the knife fight is intended only for the street. This is a purely applied discipline, which has absolutely nothing to do with sport. Why do you need to be able to compete in a conventional duel by the rules, on the court, as if it were a sports discipline?

The second point – on the street, no one will ever jump in a duel duel a la musketeers and cardinal guardsmen. A person on the street, wanting to kill another person, will approach him at a super close distance (recall the principle of “distance control”) and only then will he use a cold weapon. Standing close.
It is impossible to imagine a situation where two people at the same time pull out cold weapons, while they will be at some distance and begin some kind of duel.

The duels of the Spaniards took place on thirty-centimeter blades. The length of the blade of an ordinary modern knife is three times less. This is not at all like the Spanish “Navaja” or a saber with a hilt.

The best way to practice is not a conditional match, but an exercise, when one partner tries to hit the second with a knife model, while at the same time defending himself against the second attack with his other hand (also with a model). Mutual work is underway: do not let you cut yourself and cut your partner.

It is always necessary to look at the street situation as realistic as possible, watch videos with knife fights on the street (which are now full), and not to trust instructors who earn money from teaching and who are interested in the variations of this direction.

Another point that we should not miss. All these author’s knives are very expensive. And they take the money as if for the unprecedented sharpness of the blade, the original form of the blade, which supposedly is particularly combat and gives a special plus, but it’s all at least amusing. Most crimes are committed by an ordinary kitchen knife. In order for the knife to be a combat one, it is not necessary for it to have any nacreous handle, or some unusual blade, or to be made by hand from special steel. The knife can be anyone – you can kill and penknife.

In fact, blacksmiths take a lot of money not for their product, but for the legend they sell to the buyer – self-confidence. They inspire the buyer that, owning such a knife, you will become fully protected, self-confident, “cool.” But all this is absolutely not true. Only an inner self-confidence can make a person tough. Without it, no knife in the world will help him.

Although it is necessary to have a weapon. It is not necessary to bother on the topic of special blades. You can perfectly use the most ordinary knife, without creating a cult out of it.

The third question is a generally accepted stereotype: knife strikes can be repulsed. In order to check whether you can really repel a sudden attack with a knife, conduct an experiment. This fun exercise game is called “Maniac in the Tram” (see description below). Questions will disappear by themselves.

Exercise “Maniac in the tram”

All are in a circle. Everyone has a knife layout in the belt, but only one (or two) will be able to use it. “Maniac” appoints the coach so that others do not know about it. At the signal of the trainer, the “maniac” snatches up the mock-up and begins to deliver indiscriminate blows to everyone (the action, as it happens, in a confined space). The presence of two “maniacs” and more will give a special fun to the exercise.
This exercise will give you the understanding that sometimes “knife” strikes cannot be repulsed even if you know in advance about the attack. And how often does this happen?

Knife guard stand with knife

In the event that there is at least some opportunity and time to protect, you need to use your outerwear (jacket, etc.) in two versions:

  1. If time permits, you can wind the jacket on the elbow of your left hand (if you are right handed). Holding the jacket with the palm of the left hand, we wind it tightly like a rope on the elbow and fasten the end again with the left palm. This will help repel blows with a knife of the enemy. The same method can be used to protect against the bites of dogs and other predatory animals. A jacket wound on a hand is certainly not a shield, but it will help.
  2. Just grab the jacket with your left hand and hold it, closing its case. First, the opponent’s knife can get stuck in a jacket (especially if it is sufficiently dense). Secondly, you can wave the clothes in front of your opponent’s eyes to divert his attention. And conduct your technical action. In the absence of a jacket, you can use at least a hat, which on one side can also catch a knife, on the other you can poke the opponent in the eyes, or even throw it in his face so that he closes his eyes for at least a second. If you are experienced enough and want to live, this second is enough for you to at least knock him out.


  • At the same time (if you are right-handed), put your left foot forward, right back in both versions. Hold your knife (or improvised) in your right hand. Even if you do not have a knife, with a jacket or hat you can block an opponent’s hand with a knife in order to get close to him and “neutralize” him with your free hand. Of course, he can injure your hand with a jacket. But what is more precious – your life or hand (which can be cured)?
  • If you do not have anything that can be used as protection, but there is a knife, put your right foot forward and hold the knife in your right hand. So you protect your body from injury – the enemy will have to reach too far, especially since your hand with a knife will be on the defense line. Weapons or limbs that can strike, as if creating a protective circle that protects the body. What is in an unarmed battle, that in a fight with a weapon you need to somehow go through this protective circle and get to the goal – the person himself. Holding the “shield”, you create your “protective sphere”, and in turn try to break through the defense of your opponent.

Concealed weapon

Making money on stereotypes of consciousness drawn from the cool militants with Statham, some self-defense dealers trade in all sorts of cool belts of hidden weapons that look like complicated suspenders with a scabbard hanging in unexpected places. They put on under clothes – so that, say, some nightclub guard could not find a knife in you. All this, of course, looks very cool, but if you are attacked on the street or in another place and you are repulsed, but you are detained by the staff of those very bodies, for you such a system on the body is a very big minus. The thinking of employees has not changed since Soviet times. They will perceive you not as an ordinary person who was attacked, but as a killer who himself was preparing for an attack (or even murder). Whatever you say, whatever the circumstances of the case – in the eyes of a blind Themis you will be evil.

For street self-defense, a long enough, large key to the iron door. With this key you can scratch the face or forehead of the opponent (s), which will be quite enough. Firstly, the shock from the blood that floods the eyes will cool them down, secondly, the blood loss may be enough for the aggressors to go to intensive care (a real case, and a girl has successfully fought off the attack of two people).
You can also use a banal screwdriver.

Smash the attacker’s forehead with a key — draw a line with force over your forehead to bleed your eyes with blood. After that, you can also strike in the face crosswise.

Chapter from the book “Self-defense without weapons”, M.Didenko

Self defense

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