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CRKT Snap Lock – an illustrative example of the very true cooperation that few people can afford, the heart of the majority of modern manufacturers of knives. “Custom knife manufacturer Ed Van Hoy specially designed this knife for those people who like everything so damn unusual,” commented Doug Flagg, CRKT Vice President for Marketing and Innovation, on the situation.

CRKT Snap Lock literally overturns the usual design of knives, when it causes the blade to rotate not in the plane of the handle, but perpendicularly to it. “When our comrades saw how this knife was turned 180 degrees, they were almost shocked,” says Flagg. “The blade is fixed firmly in place until you press the lever again and turn it 180 degrees again.”

Suitable for both hands, durable and lightweight, CRKT Snap Lock perfectly plays the role of a knife that can be worn around the neck. The 2.5-inch Varnklif profile (or drop point) is very functional, but the unusual deployment of the knife requires some practice.

CRKT Snap Lock no new to the world of knives. It was first presented at the Blades exhibition of knives in 2004, where it immediately won the award for the most innovative knife. “We stopped releasing it in 2013, but fans and connoisseurs so strongly urged us to return this knife, that this year we decided to satisfy their request,” said Flagg.

It is clear that this was a good decision. Even among the entire line of knives from CRKT, which are famous for their unusual locking and unfolding mechanisms, CRKT Snap lock still stands out.

Source – Top 25 Best Selling Blades of 2017: # 15 CRKT Snap Lock

Actually, why this knife interested us. An unusual form, yes, of course. But besides CRKT Snap lock entered the 25 best-selling knives of the year according to KniweNews. That already testifies to its popularity. As for specific numbers, then:

  • Overall length – 6.25 inches
  • Blade length – 2.5 inches
  • Blade thickness – 0.12 inches
  • Blade material – steel 420J2
  • Weight – 2.5 ounces (70 grams. Seriously, a knife at 16 cm, which weighs nothing at all!)
  • Price – about $ 35 (at least, this price can be found)

Well, video for connoisseurs.

Steel arms

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