Knife Emerson Super CQC-7: convenient pocket “scrap”

Here it is, the long-awaited favorite in your pocket. Yes, besides favorites from Cold steel – Recon1 and Code4, the long-desired knife. A long time ago I already had Emerson CQC-7 from the early issues, then the path-paths diverged, well, and now they have come together. There really need to make a small clarification, this time I got Super CQC-7, which is a total of 3 centimeters longer than usual CQC-7. On 2 centimeters on a handle, and approximately on one and a half on a blade. And frankly, I like it more than the old and more compact version, given the minimal changes made to the design.

As usual, TTX for clarity.

Emerson Super CQC-7

  • Blade: Steel 154CM
  • Hardness: 57-59 (Hrc)
  • Blade profile: Tanto
  • Cutting edge: Plain
  • Ground: Chisel grind
  • Blade Coating: Stone wash
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Liner material: Titanium alloy 6Al4V Titanium
  • Lock Type: Liner-Lock
  • Blade openings: Emerson Wave Open® corrugated washer
  • Blade length: 96 mm
  • Knife length: 232 mm
  • Folded length: 137 mm
  • Butt thickness: 3.2 mm
  • Weight: 162 gr.

Talk about this knife does not make much sense. The knife itself is not so rare. That is, each new owner happily reports on the purchase. The owners are different, among them there are many intelligent people. So it is enough to look at the review in Yandex Emerson CQC-7, and, in principle, you will definitely find a couple of three clever pages. And there are no differences between the classical model and the current super, except in the envelope.

Well, I, as a happy owner of new clothes, will also slightly increase the entropy of the universe.

Regarding past generations, in this version Emerson Super CQC-7 There is only one global change – the omnipresent brand has appeared Emerson Wave. The rest is all the same good old scrap Ernie Emerson, invented and made perfectly for cannibalistic purposes and deeds.

Moreover, the design of the knife has already passed three (if my memory does not change) modernization. And besides the wave and the corresponding changes in the shape of the blade, nothing more has changed. All the same 154CM steel on the blade (yes, there are some problems with it, again, difficulties with editing, well, okay, sometimes you can be patient), the same liner lock (perhaps the only drawback of this knife, even if the liners are titanium) and traditional for this model chisel sharpening.

That is, in principle, nothing but wave has changed. And yes, together with a very interesting notch on the handle (from the blade – smooth, to the blade – the absolute roughness), a knife Emerson CQC-7 still remained a pants destroyer. That is, if you wear it on your pocket, but you must either grind the handle in the area of ​​the clip, or sew additional fabric on the pocket. At the same time realizing that this is only a temporary measure.

Well, yes, it’s still scrap, in one moment quite interesting. Despite the fact that Emerson CQC-7 – A classmate of the same Recon1, due to a very compact blade, it visually feels like more small. But, on the other hand, with a more massive and “brick” handle in his hand, it seems much more massive. Overall they are very similar, though, in fairness, Emerson 42 grams heavier Cold Steele. There is no feeling that Emerson is heavier. It is just massive. Still, the thickness of the handle at Emerson 2 mm more.

But in general, of course, it is interesting to compare these two knives. Butts are the same blade dimensions about the same. But here are no liners and amps Recona there is no trace. And y Emerson CQC-7 are titanium.

As part of the opening, if you do not take into account the corporate wave, the puck Emerson not as comfortable as a peg Recona. Besides the same Cold steel at the very least, with a certain effort and diligence, but flips. But Emerson in this sense, besides the wave, there is nothing to offer. Although I must say that the puck is still quite comfortable. Yes, and the wave when removing from his pocket gives a very juicy click, and with some training guaranteed disclosure. But with the rapid disclosure of the Recon has to tinker.

And here’s another moment. For some reason, I do not know why, but on Emerson almost immediately I want to hang some little thong. But the craving for embellishment Reconov (behind Code 4 I will not say, because I have a thought to cast the handle) has never been. Apparently because, in spite of its scrap nature, Recon1 looks sleeker than CQC-7. And descents, and form, all one to one.

What not to say, but Recon looks pretty graceful (especially in the background Emerson) and on the wedge, and on the handle, with reasonable claims for ergonomics. But Emerson Super CQC-7 on its background looks rustic. Although, on the other hand, in terms of viciousness, Emerson still wins.

And so it turns out that, being so different, these knives each other in some sense complement. Therefore, both are worthy of not just lying on the shelf, but working and worn on the pocket.

P.S. Why is it not a standard? Why a great option? Yes, everything is simple. There was no routine. However, I do not regret a drop. In this case, the size is exactly what matters))

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