Knife Extrema Ratio N.K.3 K: Small fighting poker

I have a knife on my pocket Extrema Ratio N.K.3 K, There are lots of questions. I already imagine: Yes, why the heck is it so!? Why the hell is it for such money!? This is Extrem – one Ponte! Why don’t we need a knife?

If you don’t need it, then you don’t need it.

Based on this, we can conclude that today we have knife not specific. In short, it is like so much.

Start with the fact that Extrema ratio never been cheap. Yes, the questions “for which we still pay” will regularly arise. The same question arises when looking at N.K.3 K. Still, 12-13 thousand for 100 grams of iron and a piece of caidex with quite a few. It is not a certain master skeleton. The closest example is D.A.R.T. Karambit from Doug Marcaida (Doug markaida).

Even though it was fairly expensive, it was 3-4 times more than our today’s goal of conversation. Yes, on SOCP simple steel (440C), and on N.K.3 K traditional for Extrema ratio – N690. But Benchmade it doesn’t turn, and the “legend” doesn’t make it, so it’s not worth it.

Generally why did SOCP come up? The fact is that ideological N.K.3 K similar to a knife from Benchmade. Decadent west lastchance knife, i.e “Last chance” knife. It is not a knife. Relatively speaking, it’s a purely “combat”, or rather “defensive” purpose.

No, of course, unlike SOCP stabbed by Extrema ratio You can cut, chop and cut something. It is not true to say that it will bring you any aesthetic or mechanical pleasure. Something big (bread, cheese, doctor sausage) – cut in a circle. It is a rule.

It is dried to dried. It is never a knife to cut food. Although it is not possible, it’s so Any “Chinese” for more than 1000 mms (especially if you grind it), but let me remind you – Extrema Ratio N.K.3 K not about that.

Traditionally TTX Extrema Ratio N.K.3 K:

Blade Bohler n690
Hardness 58 (Hrc)
Blade profile American tanto
Cutting edge Plain
Blade sections Flat grind
Blade coating MIL-C-13924, Desert Warfare Laser Engraving
Design All-metal knife
Sheath Kydex®
Blade length 70 mm
Knife length 172 mm
Butt thickness 6.3 mm
Weight 95 gr.

So what is this knife for?

I have already mentioned? that this is the “last chance knife.” Given the complete set Extrema Ratio N.K.3 K, cannot be ignored. It is not everyone’s hunting. If you wear it “burdock” – there is no problem.

The only moment with with scabbard – for compact class knife they are too bulky. That is, pushing them into the pants will not work. It can be a question. Thanks to the cord, it can be tied anywhere – even on a belt, even on the mall, but stabbed wearing knife it’s still difficult to call him.

If you’re on a kitten, I’m not really interested in the kit. Tight, with a pleasant texture, while holding a knife, perfectly holding the knife. It was “but not oh … did he eat”.

But the tech-lock is still not enough. It is clear that it is a piece of paracord. For the paracord can be fastened to the belt, and on the mall, and “burdock”. But tech-lok would be better.

This knife has no other essence, except as defense / attack. Yes, yes, yes, I know that “Ko-ko-ko! Is it really bought for self-defense? The policemen will be caught and imprisoned. “Well, let me remind you once again if you have a co-co-co.”

Especially since N.K.3 K this is a logical development of the series Extrema Ratio N.K., which finally received a worthy logical conclusion. It was a tangible feeling. It was impossible to call them a functional restriction. AND N.K.3 K In this case, it has

The letter “K” in the title hints to us Kerambit, although of course it is not Karambit never, but just a knife with “kerabit ‘motives”. In fact, there is only a ring and a bend inward from kerambit. Otherwise, it’s a bit like a fashion for women. The mixture turned out quite a viable.

And now we come to the main point. Extrema Ratio N.K.3 K in our everyday realities – about the appearance. It can be perfectly visible from the performance characteristics (ichrome se cerviche with a butt of 6.3 mm, yes?).

The knife turned out really spectacular. No, not beautiful, not elegant. Namely spectacular. Heavy, powerful, surprisingly ergonomics, which you can not expect from a regular piece of iron. Still, cooperation with the University of Perugia in terms of orthopedics and ergonomics is not in vain.

Knife N.K.3 K For all the small and medium hands. Common trouble karabits – It doesn’t lose its relevance. However, it wasn’t even a glove that I found this knife. But it is not necessary to make it out.

It is in three versions: black, polished and camouflage. The black and white kaydex sheath version comes with light ones (like Tan or Coyote). TO knife cover there are no complaints, except that it is not so stable. It doesn’t peel off with flakes, but it still wears off significantly, even with a small operation. It is still abrasion and not peeling. Therefore, it is possible to choose the version of

Take black knife There is no special meaning, it looks like the most boring. Feel yes? Talked about the Italian production – it was about emotions. It is clear that if you need it, then you can take a polish – it is beautiful. There would be money, I would take such an option for the kit.

What is the result …

As a result, we have highly specialized knife. For pretty decent money, on the one hand. On the other – this is one of the most inexpensive knives. Extrema ratio. It’s clear that you’re able to use it. N.K.3 K. On the other hand … This is Extrema ratio. That is, it is what it is, it’s always expensive. This item is somewhat absurd. It was still a very good knife.

Every time such a knives appear, you can’t understand it. ”But there’s one moment — for now Extrema ratio wasn’t seen recognition. And personally, I don’t think that N.K.3 K such a story will happen.

It’s not a problem.

Steel arms

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