Knife for self defense FOX D.A.R.K. The Dart by Douglas Marcaida

Let’s start with the fact that the knife for self-defense FOX D.A.R.K. The dart (where D.A.R.K. is the abbreviation of the FOX knives series, meaning Direct Action Response Knive) created Douglas Marcaida (Doug Marcaida), the character is already quite famous in the world of martial arts, including knife. You can have different attitudes to his work, but you have to admit that the comrade has a rather strong influence on the Filipino martial arts community abroad.

AND The dart – This is his first attempt at the knife field. Now there are about five models behind Douglas, mostly from Bastinelli. But the debut is related to FOX Knives. It was on their folding kerabitas that Markaid began to demonstrate his technique. Therefore, it is not surprising that when he got the idea of ​​his knife, he turned to FOX Knives.

At the same time, to call this knife directly the language does not really turn around. The handle is almost unchanged from the classic folding model of kerabits – 599. And the blade is not to say that it is completely original. Quite a classic in our time AT Spear Point. And if you also take into account the wave hook from Emerson … Something similar can be seen in Kershaw, and indeed in Emerson itself. But for all that, the knife for self-defense turned out to be very fine, sensible, and organic.

FOX D.A.R.K. The dart by doug marcaida

Initially combat knife Fox dart was conceived and made as a means for self-defense, with a small limited urban EDC functionality. Why small? Judge for yourself – a very small blade, only 65 mm. Especially you do not clear up, although with some skill you can make a sandwich. But still the main purpose of the knife is somewhat different.


As I said above, the handle without changes was taken from the model 599. And this is good, because only materials could be improved in it (which Foxes are now engaged in, as a result of which the price tag became generally transcendently cosmic). And on Dart Cost simple and harsh G10. Moreover, a dozen are harsh as well as the CS series of Recons, and together with a very tight clip, hints that his pants will suffer and undergo.

But due to this very harsh texture, the knife in his hand sits like a glove. The geometry of the handle is chosen so that in the most paradoxical way it turns out to be comfortable for people with very different hands. How they got it I do not know, but nonetheless.

The second point concerning the handle is the ring on the tail (I remind you that the handle is from kerambit 599). Again, the ring is comfortable and thoughtful, ranging from quality (all corners are trimmed) to the diameter.

The knife for self-defense is focused on two options of grip – direct and reverse. Depending on how you want to use it, you will have to either rearrange the clip or hang it under different hands. The clip, by the way, is separate in the kit.

The rest is the same repetition of the model 599. Liner lock, fairly reliable, without backlash, and bronze washers. Everything is neat, high-quality, pleasant, with a very soft opening of the blade.


As for the blade, then everything is quite simple. This is a short AT Spear Point, designed for injections and cutting (cut at small and ultra-small distances).

Everything is very simple and elegant, the blade is not designed for any power loads. That is, it is not recommended to squeeze the hatches, despite the fact that in FOX knives for the D.A.R.K. knife. The Dart decided to use N690 steel. The decision, in my opinion, is strange, and for such a knife it is somewhat redundant. But, on the other hand, you can put any steel on the knives of this type (the main thing is high-quality and well-heat-treated), because they still will not do any strength work.

The blade is very compact and light, the odds definitely go to the handle. For their goals and objectives that need.

Ergonomics FOX Dart

Now about ergonomics. Perhaps here it is worth noting immediately three main points on which questions arise. For besides these three questions, there is nothing to present with a knife.

  1. To change the grip you need to rearrange the clip.
    On the one hand, it is quite a lack of complicating life. On the other hand, the knife is focused on a specific technique of application, and therefore retention. That is, you bought a knife, decided for yourself how you would work with it, changed the clip (or left), put it in your pocket, and you don’t touch anything else.
  2. Except for emerson hook (wave feature), there are no other devices for opening on the knife.
    That is, the use of FOX D.A.R.K. The Dart as an EDC knife assumes that you either get the finger to open it with this finger, or you will open it with both hands. On the other hand, you can open, as intended – on the pocket. But in a situation where you just need to cut the string, pretend to be dramatic like diarrhea of ​​the Filipino warrior … I don’t know. In short, even a simple peg or puck for the possibility of normal disclosure is very lacking.
  3. This disadvantage stems from the design of the knife handle, that is, it is hereditary from the model 599. The fact is that with kerambit one of the structural elements that is directly involved in the application and formation of the grip is the ring, which is very much out of the pocket when worn. Just because the clip is located immediately below it. In this connection, Dart’s wearing is not very secretive – the knife for self-defense is quite clearly in the pocket.

What is the result – a knife for self-defense or an EDC knife?

And it turns out very interesting folding knife, which was created exactly as knife for self defense. And in this quality, it is almost perfect. You can only call it perfect if you are training on the knife theme in the Philippine technique. Then everything will be just fine. Markaid managed to come up with such a thing that retained the advantages of kerambit, in terms of convenience, compactness and robustness. At the same time, Kali, a specialist in knife fighting, removed the main disadvantage of kerambit – the impossibility of simply applying a thrusting strike.

Like an EDC knife, it is not without flaws, the main one of which I consider the lack of an additional way to open the blade. But again, the EDC functionality in it is so secondary (which the author himself confirms) that it is impossible to blame the knife for this.

It makes sense to consider a knife for purchase if you need a compact, easy-to-use folding solution with interesting solutions, and if you don’t intend it to EDC much. If the knife is really important for you as a tool in the system of self-defense, then I highly recommend watching it. Fortunately, the price for it is not so high, given the quality of assembly, materials, and manufacturer. About 12-13 thousand rubles. Is that in Russia it is difficult to find.

Again, many thanks to Grigori Sipachev for helping me to acquire this knife. If anything, you can contact him, the knife will produce quickly and for reasonable money.

For lovers of TTX and tsiferok:

  • Blade: Bohler N690
  • Hardness: 58-60 (Hrc)
  • Blade Profile: American Tanto Spear Point
  • Blade cross section: Flat Grind
  • Cutting edge: Plain
  • Blade Coating: Black Idroglider®
  • Handle: G-10
  • Lock: Liner-Lock
  • Blade Opening: Emerson Wave® Opener
  • Blade length: 65 mm.
  • Total length of a knife: 185 mm.
  • Length in folded position: 123 mm.
  • Butt thickness: 3 mm
  • Weight: 112 gr.

Steel arms

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