Knife for survival: defining characteristics and objectives

It is possible to get there. But one has only to add to this “arsenal” survival knife – once everything becomes several orders simpler. It is only the matter of having special skills. Or extract it.

It is a mankind that’s been in the 1960s. Then, when the Americans needed something to equip their pilots, actively falling into the Vietnamese jungle. And forced to get to their. If you are lucky – a few days. The first survival knife was developed. This is a tool for both survivors and our fellow survivors.


It’s a normal knife, it’s not worth it.

There was nothing to talk about. But it all depends on the knife. Agree – you can’t chop firewood for a spear. Therefore, you need to perform for survival.

Shelter construction

Cutting branches, sharpening stakes, cutting the bark

Food extraction

Hunting, skinning and cutting, chopping nuts, digging up roots.

Self defense and self defense

There are no comments here.

Making tools and weapons

Made of wood, fragile metal or bone. Batons, digging sticks, spears, harpoons, oars.

Making fire

For the sparks from flint or flint.


If the naz is usually located in the handle of the knife, it includes a compass. In addition, there are several ways to manage your choice of objects. But more about that another time.

First aid

And it is a primitive operation.

Steel arms

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