Knife-multitool Leatherman Skeletool Damasteel from Damascus steel

When it comes to the multitool. But too often, of ordinary knives. Company Leatherman – It has been noted. All this is called Skeletool, but not only in peace of mind and durability. And yes, this is a limited edition.

Despite its small size, Skeletool damasteel effectively copes with its tasks. Due to the specially developed skeletonized case, it was possible to reduce its weight to 5 ounces (140 grams). With this, you can access all the tools using just one hand. Pliers, a bit of a bit, a screwdriver, a bit knife-multitool.

But there is one more thing that highlights Skeletool from the list of ordinary multitools – full blade. It is made of stamped Damascus steel. It is unique to each other. knife multitool will be different from any other similar models. But Damascus steel – not only for a beautiful view. It helps to keep you in the long run. The 2.8 inch (7 cm) blade is a standard linear lock.

From the very beginning Skeletool In addition to the Damascus steel blade, its functionality has been found many times. This is not your choice.

What can be added. It is worth this knife-multitool 140 bucks. But damn it Leatherman. They don’t do bullshit. AND Skeletool damasteel worth each of the spent bucks. But on the other hand, Damascus steel is a frank you ** boom. A similar model, only with conventional steel – 84 bucks worth it. That is almost 2 times less. When they hear the words “limited party” – many are tearing off the roof completely. So think.

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