Knife mushroom picker: what to look for when choosing?

A knife for a mushroom picker is as important as a weapon for a hunter. It not only makes it easy to harvest, without damaging the so-called mycorrhiza, which is responsible for the further reproduction of mushrooms, but also useful in cooking dinner outdoors or for processing wood. The knife of the mushroom picker has its specific requirements, therefore it is better to initially pay enough attention to this issue.

  • Knife requirements
  • 2Construction
  • 3 types of knives
    • 3.1 Russian damask
    • 3.2 Mushroom
  • 4How to make a mushroom knife with your own hands

Knife requirements

The use of a knife allows not only maximally not to injure a part of the leg of the fungus connected to the ground, but also greatly simplifies the collection of species growing families, for example, butter. Indeed, instead of trying to snatch a whole group of legs at the same time, it is better to carefully cut off the delicious hats

Making a homemade mushroom knifeEveryone knows that the saw is characterized by sharp teeth, and it is one of them that will become the pointed end of the future knife. To do this, cut out of it the metal part of the tool, according to the required dimensions. Holes for connecting with the handle do with a drill. It is necessary to clean the blade of rust, if any, and treat it with an anti-corrosion agent.

The next stage is the direct manufacture of the handle. For this fit a piece of any wood. The form also needs to be thought out for yourself, it can be more straight or curved. Two dies are well dried, polished and give them the desired shape. In order to connect all the parts together, it will also be necessary to make holes in them.

It is worth not to forget that the handle must be given a water-repellent effect. Any oil will cope with this. It is enough to hold the knife over the hot steam a little and then abundantly lubricate its wooden part. Now the product will be firmly in the hand and will not slip. The knife is ready, it remains only to carefully sharpen.

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