Knife Sharpening Bars

The knife begins to dull with time. And, therefore, faces for sharpening. Currently, there are several solutions for using electric grinding machine. grinding bars. The latter method is the most common. It is caused by the fact that it is caused by the fact. For sharpening knives, you should remember the following points:

  • It is clear that there will be no sharpened patterns;
  • Full, high-quality sharpening is carried out using three types of stones, with varying degrees of grain. It ends with fine-grained bars;
  • When working with sharpening bars It is necessary to use a lubricant. Serves as ordinary water, and special oils;
  • Musat is needed for daily cutting. Musat looks like a file with ribs parallel to its canvas. It is used to bring the sharpness of the blade to an optimal state. And also the cutting edge, after the hard materials, rules.

Ceramic bars for sharpening

are a rather ambiguous product. In spite of their good qualities (good surface finish and durability), they lose track of the number of ways. First, sharpening ceramic bar will be very slow and laborious. Secondly, it is very difficult to find a fine-grained bar in modern realities. But ceramic grinding stones It is not necessary to use it, but it is not necessary to use it. Such grinding stones are usually used for frequent fine straightening and fine tuning. Ceramic bars are not only sharpening; There are a lot of ceramic grinding stones produced in Poland, China and Germany on the market. However, you can’t buy it. It is easier to go and do not care about it. It is just a way to get the water out.

Japanese water stones

But it is not necessary for beginners to sharpening. First, water stones are expensive. Very expensive. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that the stones are cleaned together with water (it applies to fine-grained bars). Coarse-grained and medium-grained stones should not be stored in water, which should be regularly replaced and disinfected. Water stones are distinguished by their softness. Thinned stone can be glued to a piece of wood, thereby extending to the highest possible level.

In addition, it is uneven to make water stones. Grind the surface. Unlike ceramic stones, you can simply rub out the lines. In the case of the flooring of the sandstone, it can be seen as the waterproofing sandstone.

Diamond grinding bars

It is a separate tool for the grinding machine. Therefore, diamond grinding bars can be found on sale. Moreover, periodically complete with diamond stones for sharpening supplied various fasteners.

DMT made by the American company have won no good reputation. Typically, these bars are metal (and sometimes plastic) base, which is sprayed with a diamond pattern. As the rule, due to the electrolytically deposited nickel or copper. Diamond bars are very durable. It is designed for a long time of high quality work.

These grinding stones – They are available and easy to use. But not necessarily lubrication. Here is a water or soap solution. After sharpening the diamond bar, you need to be in a safe place. Diamond grinding stones wear-resistant and provide a high rate of work. There is a possibility of irreparably damaging the cutting edge, with careless quick sharpening. Do not need to be corrected. Wet grinding stones. It is extremely difficult. Make a special effort and perseverance.

Natural sharpening bars

grinding bars. The Belgian stone, which is a fine-grained muscovite stone and the Arkansas stone (quartz), as well as various types of materials. Arkansas Stone has a unique structure. It can rightly be considered the most fine-grained and homogeneous rock with grace. It is possible to work on such bars exclusively with the use of lubricant. Most often it appears mineral oil. If you want to get it, then it will be possible to quickly become clogged and become unsuitable for use.

Win over artificially created bars. If you want it to be so much more than that. Made of natural material is 20 centimeters or more. Good natural grinding bars cost much to their owners. In this case, most often, it will be more durable and effective. It is very fragile.

Knife Sharpening Bars

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