Knife taiga hunter: how to choose or do it yourself?

Outdoor activities, whether fishing, hunting or just hiking in the woods, never do without a good knife. It can be useful when setting up a tent, and when preparing a delicious dinner on a campfire. Taiga knife – a serious type of gun that is suitable for any purpose, including for hunting. It is not surprising that he was named after a region with very harsh conditions.

  • Types of taiga knives
  • 2 Which one to choose?
    • 2.1 Finnish knife
    • 2.2 Yakut knife
  • 3Materials for taiga knife
    • 3.1Steel
  • 4Create your own hands
  • 5The best taiga knives

Types of taiga knives

Taiga knife of the hunter allows you to use it for various purposes. It is great for the following actions:

  • Cutting production: cutting meat, separating the pulp from the bone;
  • Work with wood;
  • Economic needs: cutting a strong rope or awning;
  • Self-defense from wild animals.

Despite the practical universality of the weapon, for greater convenience, hunters often use taiga knives of different sizes. For example, for fine work with wood it is more convenient to use a small blade, and for cutting carcass – a large one.

The blade of the taiga knife is always made of steel. It is advisable to opt for stainless material.
In this case, corrosion will not be scary. An excellent option could be a blade of laminated steel. The form of the dagger is primarily convenient for cutting, and not for applying stab wounds.

The two most popular types of hunting taiga knives are:

  • Finnish knife. It is characterized by a narrow, but sharp and reliable blade;
  • Yakut knife. Known for its pointed wide blade, easy to handle, both with woodwork and cutting of carcasses.

In order to determine how the knives will be more convenient in any individual case, it is necessary to get acquainted with their characteristics in more detail.

Which to choose?

Each type of the above is good. If we take into account that they were created by the peoples living in the northern wooded parts of the planet, we can understand why they are so popular. After all, they reflect the entire experience of people who know all about survival in the difficult conditions of wild nature.

Finnish knife

The taiga knife with a Finnish blade is characterized by a narrow blade and a straight bevel, approximately 30-35 degrees. This allows him to carry out high-quality cutting of the necessary materials. In addition, the knife often has the shape of a falling butt, which allows it to strike stabbing character. For hunters using traps, this is the most suitable option.

Finnish Hunting KnifeIts features are also:

  • Durable and tough blade;
  • The handle has no guard. The emphasis while holding the knife is on the head of the handle;
  • The sheath has no fasteners, which allows you to quickly pull out the knife if necessary. For example, when an unexpected attack by a predator. In this case, the knife is in the sheath on 2/3. This allows you to protect the hunter from possible cuts.

Standard Finnish taiga hunter knife has a blade, not more than 10 cm in length. Since its center of gravity is shifted to the handle, the gun has a good balance. This also contributes to the fact that the largest thickness of the butt is no more than half a centimeter. The blade is vsadny, and this means that it can be replaced if necessary, for example, during its damage.

The Finnish knife is suitable for people who appreciate the combination of a sharp blade and a small tool weight.

Yakut knife

This type of knife is similar to the previous one. He also has a straight butt and a sharpened blade. But unlike the Finnish knife, its blade is characterized by asymmetric sharpening. Due to it, the knife does not get stuck in the materials, but leaves freely. On the right side, the blade has a dol. Its presence increases the strength of the knife

Yakut taiga knifeThe handle, with an average length of 15 cm, does not have a stop or guard. The real connoisseurs of the Yakut taiga knife adhere to the fact that the handle should be made of natural materials, namely: wood, bone, leather. Often it is decorated with national ornament.

The sheath is also sewn in such a way that the knife enters them by 2/3. This position of the taiga knife of the hunter allows you to pull it out as comfortably as possible, without the risk of injury.

Taiga Knife Materials

A professional taiga knife should not let down its owner, therefore only quality materials should be used.


Any steel is not suitable for the blade. For example, low carbon, medium carbon and high carbon steel for such a knife are not used at all. Alternatively, high quality carbon steel may be considered. She has very little impurity. But the only negative – susceptibility to corrosion. It is unlikely that someone wants to clean his knife in hunting conditions.

Therefore, stainless steel with a chromium content of at least 13% is best suited. It can be a type 40X13 or medical steel for surgical instruments. You can find it under the name 95X18. These types will provide a solid, damage-resistant blade, additionally protected from corrosion. The level of strength – 55-60 Rockwell units.

It is worth noting that there is a stainless steel, which is not subjected to the glowing process. Accordingly, in this matter it will be useless.

DIY creation

To make a taiga knife alone can only a person who can work with steel.

The temperature for steel processing depends on its type. It varies on average from 1000 to 1040 degrees. This parameter is very important, because at temperatures above the threshold, the future blade loses its strength and may crumble. And at low temperatures, the blade can bend at all. The next step is grinding and sharpening the knife. As mentioned above, it can be different. If you need a Yakut type of knife, then an asymmetric sharpening is required.

The handle should be made of wood. Suitable birch, walnut, oak and other species. Its width in the abdomen will be about 3-4 mm larger than the widest part of the blade. The bar is sawn into two dies and then proceed to give them a future shape. Combining the 2 parts of the gun and getting the knife ready, it is important not to forget about the manufacture of the scabbard, because without them, no good taiga knife will do.

The best taiga knives

You can find a taiga knife in specialized stores or from private blacksmiths working with knives. When choosing a tool, you can turn your attention to manufacturers from Zlatoust. This city has been famous for its high quality weapons for decades. So, for example, a knife from the factory Armsman from Zlatoust, 25 cm in size, possessing a blade of increased strength and a hornbeam handle, can be purchased at an affordable price of 3200 rubles.

Hunting knife from ZlatoustIn the same price category, knives are worthy of attention, produced by Vorsma. The factory is exclusively manual work that meets all the necessary requirements. This knife is well proven to be hunting in Taiga.

A good Finnish knife can also be purchased from foreign manufacturers. The most famous firms in this segment are Kauhavan, Oselli, Marttiin

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