Knives “Basurmanin”: Army and a knife for survival

Multipurpose knife “Basurmanin” was developed at the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant in 1991. This is a weapon for self-defense in hand-to-hand combat, as well as a knife for survival in conditions far from civilization. “Basurmanin” is great for use by fishermen, hunters, for household purposes.

  • Knife “Basurmanin”: equipment
    • 1.1 The set of the knife “Basurmanin” includes the following elements:
  • 2Army knife “Basurmanin”
  • 3Basurmanin survival knife

Knife “Basurmanin”: equipment

Army knife The model for military weapons received the name HB-1. Its purpose was to arm the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense. It should be used to defeat the enemy in close combat, set up camps (building shelters, making firewood, sawing wood and metal materials, making improvised means of protection or survival), and also as emergency equipment (for cutting paracord, sling, knocking out glasses machines, making holes, cutting wires or steel wires). Later, a commercial version of this knife was developed for domestic use, self-defense, in survival campaigns, and this model was labeled HB-1-01. The difference between an army and a civilian model is as follows:

  • There is no marking of the manufacturer “IZHMASH” on the blade and the sheath. Instead, there is a trademark marking of the plant with an arrow applied to the sheath.
  • The presence of stamps of acceptance of the Quality Control on the compass and sheath.
  • The harpoon has no device for fixing the inside of the sheath.
  • The length of the blade is 16 cm, in contrast to the civilian sample, having a blade length of 15 cm.
  • The thickness of the blade is 4 mm, the civilian sample has a blade thickness of 3 mm.
  • Difference design harpoon.
  • The tip of a saw is chromeplated, unlike a civil sample. Reflective surface acts as a shatterproof mirror.

The blade of the knife is single-edged, without dolov. The blade has a slightly concave shape, the handle is also made of steel.

Survival Knife “Basurmanin”

Basurmanin Survival KnifeDespite the fact that the model Basurmanina HB-1-01 is designed for civilian self-defense, used during hunting or fishing, you can only buy it in a specialized shop with a hunting ticket, since it belongs to cold arms according to the characteristics of the knife. One of the signs attributing a knife to this species is the presence of a cross, against which the hand rests during the butting stroke.

The survival knife “Basurmanin” practically does not differ from the army sample, except for the presence of letter marking on the blade and scabbard, as well as the different length of the blade and its thickness.
The advantages of the knife “Basurmanin” include the following:

  1. Multifunctionality
  2. Very high blade strength. It is so high that it allows you to use this cold weapon as a foot rest.
  3. Excellent cutting ability. With a knife “Basurmanin” you can easily cut parachute lines or wide straps of the harness.
  4. The sheath is made of high strength plastic, which does not add too much extra weight to the weapon.
  5. Convenient fastening of the scabbard to the belt, which allows you to quickly and conveniently remove it, which in many situations becomes crucial.

The penetrating ability of the blade at impact reaches 10 cm, this is enough both during self-defense and during the hunt.

There are some shortcomings identified during the repeated tests that the army knife went through during field exercises:

  1. The poor position of the tench on the sheath reduces maneuverability in the bushes.
  2. During the throwing of the weapon the compass on the handle does not withstand the overload.
  3. If the knife is operated in an emergency, the metal handle can cause thermal damage to the palms. In addition, it can be inconvenient for its short form and coarse notch.
  4. Insufficient supply of matches and disinfecting tablets.

According to the results of practical use by survivalists, the following disadvantages are also noted: the knife cuts well, but does not planes. This is a noticeable disadvantage, since in nature it is often necessary to plan wood to build shelters, traps, or for the extraction of firewood. In addition, it is noted that steel models for the survival of the HB-1-01 poorly sharpened. To perform high-quality grinding with the use of the bar, fixed in the sheath, it will take 3-4 days.

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