Kolon Sport Life Tech – bitter cold

The winter is coming. Warm jackets, sheepskin coats, winter coats and so on. However, even such clothes will not help in extreme and cold conditions. This is a “mobile paradise” for the extreme north.

Jacket Kolon Sport Life Tech

The jacket consists of three layers. The first layer is like a spacesuit. Durable, waterproof, windproof (Gore-Tex, Gore Windstopper). Plus, it contains a number of fasteners and belts. Large zipper locks are equipped with large dogs – to use or even with gloves on. Such is the armor.

Next comes the second layer. Primaloft isolator and Heatex integrated electrical heater. Sahara with an air temperature of 40–50 ° C when it is turned on. One charge is enough for seven hours.

Is the thermal underwear. Fliska, which fits tightly and warms the body. She will not let you sweat.

That’s not all. TO Kolon Sport Life Tech First aid kit, survival kit and compact wind generator are included.

Well, the charms honey plucked.

Now a fly in the ointment. Jacket costs $ 1,800. It’s one thousand eight hundred dollars of the United States of America.

Everything. It remains worth the money.

Clothes and shoes

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