Kratovsky shooter fired at the police station and bombarded with SOBR grenades

It is not necessary to stand in lines, undergo examinations and inspections. As it turned out, even giving a bribe is not necessary. It was enough to go on the road.

Yes, it’s not possible to track. But there is still a lot of interesting things to be found …

Actually, this was the case Kratovo village, that in the suburbs. And it turned into a tragedy.

Kratovo shooter

Saturday, June 10, evening. Town kratovo, Moscow region. Anonymous person opens fire on passersby. Presumably from Saiga carbine. 4 people die, three more are injured.

After some time, the SWAT come to the scene of the incident. Offender grenades. It’s only lightly wounded. his leg amputated – comment).

After which the assault begins. It was clear that it had been set to fire. But it doesn’t come out. Alive failed to take.

Perhaps the main question is where the hell are grenades? They don’t buy them anywhere at all! “

The second world war kratovsky arrow. According to the latest data – the former Ministry of Emergency Situations Igor Zenkov. That is, yes, he was a rusty grenade, defuse it and “upgrade.” Concerning Saiga carbine, It is not clear whether it was a “terrible and terrible weapon of mass murder.” – editor’s note)

Go ahead. According to the neighborsKratovo shooter“, Zenkov led a closed and unsociable way of life. Someone even thought that he had some mental illness, because of which he had to leave the MOE. But it seems to be something like that.

So, the allegedly mentally abnormal situation offensive grants since the Second World War. And then there was the question of the shooter (14 grenades, but only 4 light injuries), then. Although it was most likely, it’s not possible to take responsibility for the order of destruction. Still, in the United States with this much easier.

Can be drawn here? If you’re a person, you can’t do anything about it. Only clear up the consequences. And bury the victims. After all Since they somehow get civilian weapons every year it becomes more and more difficult.

Supplement on shooting in Kratovo (06/14/2017):

According to the Investigative Committee on June 13 in the barn Igor Zenkov A whole arsenal of weapons and ammunition has been discovered: M24 grenades, two mortar mines 50 mm caliber, 2 rifled barrels, fuses, shops, two 150 mm artillery shells.

In addition, two “suicide notes” were once found. Their content has not yet been disclosed. However, according to their neighbors “… …

However, during interrogation, Zenkov’s neighbors said that they had no conflicts with him. Neither the law enforcement bodies, nor any local authorities.

It was a woman’s body. It was reported that he was commit suicide.

As we reported above, he set fire to his house in Kratovo. Investigators suggest that it was a burning house. “SCR:” It is noted.


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