Krav Maga: 10 myths about the world’s best combat system

On request to the word “Krav maga»Internet search engines give an average of 15,000 hits. By Alex Levitas – “Krav maga Israel: Israeli style of hand-to-hand fighting “and”Krav maga: use what is at hand. “This is a bit of a clue.” Krav maga studied Jennifer Lopez for filming the movie “Pretty” …

Remaining 6-7 thousand links to the jails Krav maga Levitas) on the topic. “.

Thus, it can be stated that interest in Krav maga The Internet is negligible. This is a guideline. Krav maga. Try to understand the ten most popular myths below.

Myth 1. Krav Maga is Israeli martial art

Israeli – yes. Fighting – yes. Art is not.

Krav maga It is a rapier. It is not possible to make a lot of noise. ) – We are talking about the scope.

I’ll try to explain.

It is a weapon that has been reached. meaning of the invention of multiply charged firearms (primers revolvers).

It is a tool for cutting the handle and the head (for a stone, plastic, metal, plastic). Appeared in the Stone Age.

Rapier fencing, French, Italian, Spanish, German. Much later appeared sports fencing. This is a scandalous schoolgirl. This is where you can find it. Of course, it’s not a problem. combat with rapiers “- ie the notorious” dirty street kenjutsu. “

The hammer, in turn, will always remain a hammer. A blacksmith’s sledgehammer or a dentist’s hammer, a carpenter’s psychotherapist, a hammerless hammer or a mallet, or a javelinist, or even a pneumatic hammer? A tool designed to solve specific problems. Changing its size, shape, method of application, depending on the tasks. And still staying with a hammer.

Krav maga – This is not a martial art. Krav maga – is a tool for solving problems. Core Krav maga – For technical assistance, there is a need for technical assistance.

He was a warrior Krav maga: “Kicked and hit the shot”. Police need to twist the police Krav maga: “Lie, goat”. Do civilians want to live too? Civilian Krav maga: “Hit and run.” “Get down from me, freak” and “go away client” scheme. But there are still developments Krav maga for el-Al airlines airline

Wherein Krav maga it still remains Krav maga (and hammer – hammer)! The task is to change it. External signs change (no instructor Krav maga it is possible to tear off the heel in zenkutsu-dati ”), the basic principles remain the same (“ threat point ”,“ re-coiling ”and many others).

It is the “hammer – the hand percussion instrument”. Krav maga for personal security problems.

It brings us the number 2.

Myth 2. Krav Maga – this is another mixfight, or just an ordinary manuscript

The first synthetic hand-to-hand combat system, combining techniques of different styles, appeared in Europe in 1898. Edward William Barton-Wright. The Barton “The Barton” and the “The Jiu-Jitsu” (Barton) The professor of pierre vigny. It was with the bartitsu (mistakenly called “baritsu”) that Sherlock Holmes overthrew the Moriarty into the abyss of the Reichenbach Falls.

It is almost forgotten now; it is up to you. In the twentieth century, many such styles were born. Jukado, kadzukenbo, jitkundo, wun-hop-kuen, ukidokan … Domestic authors prefer abbreviations: UNIBOS, SPAS, IZBOR, ISRB, RUB, SRUB … machine “V. Shlakhtera,” Boybo “,” Steel Falcon “, Da Jie Shu, and many, many others.

History of creation Krav maga, at first glance, it makes us rank this system as synthetic. He is seriously engaged in boxing and jiu-jitsu, therefore Krav maga There is a synthesis of boxing, wrestling and jiu-jitsu.

This conclusion is not true. History of creation Krav maga much more like the creation of the Soviet sambo. His order is state order took place. Krav maga It was originally developed. Krav maga Unsung up person. Finally, Krav maga created from scratch, and not by borrowing techniques.

First, I. Lichtenfeld developed theoretical principles Krav maga. They were imposed motive base – rack, movement, shock, defense, pain control. It is a race against the box. It can be taken to the “shuttle”, “hikite”, “wave”, “center line” or “in line” Krav maga, Rekoiling

Therefore, we can only talk about external similarities. Krav maga with boxing or jiu-jitsu. At the level of the motor base Krav maga This is a unique system ofKrav maga – This is the usual manuscript.

The so-called “noname” melee (or Army hand-to-hand combat – ARB) is usually understood as a karate player. (NPRB-38, NFP-59, NFP-66, NFP-78, NFP-87).

Difference Krav maga from ARB or “nonime” hands are visible to the eye: tricks Krav maga recognizable, unlike “kickboxing in camouflage”. They are recognizable, especially because of the “crowns” Krav maga – It is a battle of the guns, it …

Of course, these techniques can be found in jiu-jitsu, in sambo, and in aikido. But the system and the theoretical principles behind them.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Krav maga – This is not a mix of light instructors.

Myth 3. Krav Maga – it’s just a set of “podlyanok”

You can bring the enemy down.

Blows to the groin, eyes, throat, knees. These tricks are used in Krav maga. Moreover, this feature is widely covered in advertising. Krav maga. Apparently, there is a widespread opinion that Krav maga – This is a purely Jewish approach. Alas, it is not.

All “lethal”, “supereffective”, “striking” strikes have one huge drawback. Even the most deadly blow can not happen in the most elementary way. Any trickiest trick might not work. The enemy may negatively relate to his eye. He can dodge or repel your deadly blow.

And then what? And then the fight begins. It is a mix of flavored piquancy. However, it is not possible to cook a dish from some spices. Need more and meat.

Meat in Krav maga enough. A lot has been said above about principles Krav maga, to transform techniques for solving specific problems.

But tricks in Krav maga too. Or rather, not receptions, but technical actions – blows, defenses, pain control, release from seizures. And they are worked out to the seventh sweat, to complete automatism.

It is impossible to learn how to use it. Technical actions are “words”, theoretical principles are “grammar”. Knowing the “words” and “grammar”, you can make “sentences” yourself.

It is a combination of methods. “independent invention techniques”, ie free fight.

Here we go to the fourth most popular myth.

Myth 4. In Krav Maga there is no sparring

AT Krav maga sparring is.

Myth 5. And why aren’t competitions being held on it?

The “battles without rules” is 10–15 years ago. It is a wrestler in the stalls of the fighters.

However, since then, fighting has been an independent (and commercially profitable) sport. It is no longer possible to prepare the ring and the floor. If you’re trying to find out what to do.

And where Krav maga? See Myth # 1 – A katana or a rapier. It is quite a healthy desire. But Krav maga – This is not a martial art. This is a tool.

Can you imagine a blacksmith to inter-style tamesivari competitions? Not. If you’re a little bit harsh, you’re losing out there? . He is not an athlete, he is a blacksmith. He earns a living with it. It makes it harder than that of a blacksmith from a neighboring village, or longer. This is a personal tooling for comparisons and comparisons.

And an instructor for Krav maga He will surely lose, he will surely lose, he will never get to his “octagon”.

No rules for you Krav maga – Thanks to jiu-jitsu (Itai Gil), sambo (Oleg Taktarov) or muay-thai (Haim Perez), system that is fundamentally different from any combat sport.

It is not a rule of thumb. a suddenness factor (gong sounds for all).

The difference is in the goal. In sports they fight to win. In life – to survive. Krav maga – not a sport. Krav maga – a tool for survival.

The second half of the myths Krav maga refers not so much to the most Krav maga, how much to the realities of the Israeli life. So …

Myth 6. Krav Maga is in Mossad

Mossad is fanned by many legends. It has become approximately equal).

The official full name of “Mossad” – “Mossad letfadimim meyuhadim” is translated as “Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks”. Hand-to-hand fight in “Mossad” are not engaged.

Krav maga It was created by the Israeli national security forces ’training program (IDF), Mistaravim, Duvdevan, Saeret Metkal, etc.

Since the beginning of the 80s of the last century Krav maga United States and Europe. But in the mossad Krav maga not being studied.

Myth 7. All Israeli soldiers study Krav Maga.

The compatriots are in the Israeli army. It sounds like this: “Garbage this Krav maga, I had an instructor in boxing rules, so I got him into the face – boxing rules! “

Every citizen is obliged to serve as an urgent military service in the army. This is common knowledge. Forces are divided into two parts and the workers’ troops (“job sticks”).

It is a list of requirements for children. In the military forces. How? Yes, very simple. One of my friends, an army instructor Krav maga, three times filed a request for transfer to the elite infantry division “Golani”. He received a refusal for the third time, telling him to go to the guardhouse. After a week of his release, he was transferred.

It is a war in the wilderness of the gangs and terrorist groups. Of course, it is impossible to train the kravi. Those who serve in their job seekers go through a 90-day course Krav maga and after serving for a veteran expert.

In Israel itself, there isn’t such a sign. “Krav maga“.

Myth 8. There is only one style Krav Maga

So what Krav maga is it different? Yes, sometimes.

The phrase “krav” (battle) and “mage” (contact) can be used in two cases. It was created by Imi Lichtenfeld and developed by his students. The second – to refer to any martial arts. The sign of the martial art or “the martial art of capoeira” – with us.

To eliminate this confusion, several organizations were created Krav maga They Lichtenfeld. The International Federation Of The United States Of The United States Of The United States Of The United States Of The United States Of TheKrav magaIt was a success in the United States of America. Krav maga, and “the system of them”) and Yanilov, many instructors. So there were Krav Maga Israel, Commando Krav Maga, Tactical Krav Maga, Operational Krav Maga and others. Also appeared author’s styles Krav maga Liven and Maor.

AOI meanings are taken from the vapes (v and u) and Lothar (ha) such as Hagan, Dennis Gisardut, Gadi Khenpo and Abir emerged.

However, the topic of crushing Krav maga on separate styles and trends. As for myth No. 8, in Italy, for example, “fitness Krav maga“. Here, as they say, no comment.

Myth 9. Krav Maga – this is a popular brand of Israelis make money.

This myth is almost true. It is only necessary to “only” replace with “also.” Like this: “Krav maga – this is also a popular brand, on which clever Israelis make money. “

Courses Krav maga all over the world are expensive. For the knowledge underlying Krav maga, the Israelites paid in blood. Now they (earn not they) earn on it. On all five continents. In dozens of different countries.

It has been bought.

And do not make money on this – just stupid.

Myth 10. Kravil Maga

The Israelis themselves, they say: “We’re not the smartest, not the coolest, and not the most invincible. We simply have more experience than others. “Experience, please pay attention, both positive and negative.

One of the mottos Krav maga is the phrase “Welcome to reality!” It doesn’t exist.

And showing instructors Krav maga It is dangerous. It is a little bit of a blowjob.

At the very first training session. AT Krav maga illusions are not fed. Instead, the desire to survive will come. And it is in this area. Krav maga can significantly increase your chances.

No more – and no less.

(c) 2007, Anton Farb

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