Krav Maga and self defense systems:

I still understand why Krav maga (I will continue to reduce it to KM), we have successfully settled down so successfully and fruitfully. This is the first self defense system, after his “treatment”. That is, everything is simple – they’re hungry for people. That is, no sparring battle clash, sparring is dead by definition), no combos, no kata, nothing. Simple aimed at disabling the enemy.

Nothing like? Is it? Think about it? Well yes, Kadochnikov system.

Only in the fields of physics and geometry. But without development and progress.

In fact, with all martial arts and self-defense systems the same story happens. If they do not develop, then they fade away. And they are kept afloat solely due to the traditions and observance of rituals. As a result, studying BI becomes akin to learning Latin. That is, it represents only a cultural and general educational interest. physical training). They do not find a practical application self defense systems, adapting to modern realities. Ask anyone who studies Wing Chun, Wushu, Aikido. It remains clear that it’s not a problem.

Any self defense system, which does not develop, is doomed to oblivion. A good example of this is the same. Cali. Who remembered her at least 5 years ago? And 10? Yes, the 70s. What now? Now a progressive system, adaptive, convenient, practical.

It has been a great deal of effort. So, they, without even noticing, came to the scheme, which is peculiar to Pekite tersea kali.

But Vinh chun, for example, could not progress. It is a real saddle of sight. It is not.

BUT Kadochnikov system and at all … I didn’t have time to grow and develop. This is what you’ve created. But she appeared at the wrong time and place. By and large, self defense system It turned out to be a study. Yes, and aggravated by the attitude: once ours, it is already a priori the best. As well as complete, infallible and not required modifications. Of course, you can carry it on, even people, even any cargo. But still, it will be more convenient for each case. It is what the vehicle needs.

In short, the Kalashnikov assault rifle, if it hadn’t begun to “tune” and refine. At the moment, this self defense system morally and physically ridiculous … Although it is a bit other systems.

Yes, of course, that each school has its ups and downs. And in time they are cyclical. As, for example, the same KM It is a recession caused by the fact that it is a rule. And those who are trying to invent something based on it. In addition, excessive commercialization has never been a benefit to anyone. On the other hand, there will be a sunset, which means there will be a dawn. When it becomes clear that self defense system Driving into a dead end, Fortunately, the same KM it is a lot of chances for that. Just as happened with Cali. Do I believe in the “resurrection” Kadochnikov systems? I do not know, not sure.

Why all this chatter? Yes, just. Outside the rain, after a rest. So why not sit.

And the conclusion suggests itself. What is a weapon, a gun, a knife, hand-to-hand combat, bombs, grenades, tanks, don’t develop, then it dies. Become obsolete and irrelevant. Yes, of course, it’s not all paths that lead to real progress, but also a real progress. But this is not a try and experiment.

Self defense

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