Kurt Russell: “Only idiots think that banning weapons prevents terrorists”

Kurt russell gun ban

Hollywood has long ceased to deliver real role models. The hipster can take an example. Moreover, Hollywood is actively spreading the latest trends, such as frantic feminism, accusations of sexual harassment, propaganda of “non-resistance to evil by violence.” Simply put, hoplofobs support. Fortunately, there were still normal men. The old guard. Those who are still ready to defend themselves. And not so long ago about his clear position said Kurt russell.

So. 2015 Quentin Tarantino shoots films – “Abominable Eight,” where he just played Kurt russell. Conference journalist, anxiously concerned about the issue weapon security. After all, it’s not considered possible. What an example he gives to young people!

They say, weapon use only to show their coolness. Therefore, it will help you to sweep over the “good old United States.” For what Kurt answered supposedly if someone believed gun ban, It will help you to prevent any terrorist attacks.

“I wouldn’t be able to make it out.”

Well, then began the classic Hoplofob rhetoric. They say weapon killing people, getting it. If you want, you can’t make it anymore. .

It is a rule that he hasn’t been talking about ban weapons, It has been noted that the agreement has been made in

In short, as always. Rainbow and peaceful world where weapon it should be in the flash. They will be banned.

By the way Kurt russell in his openly expressed opinion is not alone. Brad Pitt stands for civilian weapons. Angelina Jolie can shoot. Bruce Williss, Clint Eastwood, even the eccentric Johnny Depp are all willing to defend themselves with firearms. It is still a drowns for the second amendment. And they openly declare their position for any reputation. It is possible that it is threatened to overwhelm the United States. Promotions.

Kurt Russell: “Only idiots think that banning weapons prevents terrorists”

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