Land Rover “Perenti” 6×6

Land Rover Perenty – a car used by the Australian army, which is built in Australia. In August 1987, the “Perenty 4WD” (4 × 4) version of the “Perenty 4WD” (for 4×4) the spar frame.

The most interesting was the 2-ton car “Perenti 6WD” (6 × 6) with a total weight of 5.5 tons. It has been an individual drive. Both cars were completed with the Isuzu diesel engine (Isuzu) of the local assembly (3.9 l, 70-89 hp), 4-speed gearbox, front winch, power-driven vehicle for driving trailer wheels. By request, they were attached to a lightweight motocross bike, suspended from behind.

It is the Isuzu. The 6×6 version has a wide cabin and springs on the rear axles. Also present in 6×6 turbocharging.

The name “Perenty” comes from the “Perenty” – 1-2-ton light vehicles.


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