Large-caliber silent sniper rifle VSSK “Exhaust”

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Silent sniper rifle large caliber “Exhaust” – the result of the work of TsKIB SOO (Central KB of sports and hunting weapons, Tula, branch of the Instrument Design Bureau). Developed a rifle in 2002 on request CSN (Ccenter WITHspecial Hvalues ​​- explanation LastDay Club) FSB of Russia. Sniper complex VSSK “Exhaust”, which consists of weapons and ammunition, was first openly demonstrated at the Interpolitech exhibition in Moscow in the fall of 2005. The Vykhlop complex was released in a small amount, it is in service with snipers only in the units of the special-purpose center of the FSB of Russia.

The main purpose of the rifle is low noise and flameless shooting up to 600 meters at protected targets, such as:

  • Cars and other unarmored vehicles
  • Enemy manpower in heavy body armor or hiding in vehicles

The sound of the shot is reduced due to the CBE device and the low initial velocity of the bullet (290-295 m / s). For firing, heavy heavy-caliber bullets weighing 59 grams (cartridge SP-130PT with increased accuracy) and even 76 grams (cartridge SP-130VPS with increased penetration) are used. For the STS-130PT cartridge, the accuracy is 25 mm at a distance of 100 meters (1 MOA / angular minute), for the SC-130VPS cartridge, a guaranteed 16 mm steel plate breakthrough at a distance of 200 meters or a heavy body armor of protection class 5 at a distance of 100 meters.

The cartridges use specially made bullets and relatively short sleeves. The total length of 12.7 mm of the SC-130 cartridge is 97 mm against 145 mm for the ordinary domestic large-caliber cartridge of 12.7 * 108 mm. Due to the relatively small (for the selected caliber, of course) muzzle energy the weapon under it turned out to be almost two and a half, three times lighter than rifles for standard large-caliber cartridges of 12.7 * 108 mm or 12.7 * 99 mm. However, the muzzle energy of the SC-130PT cartridge is about 2500 J, and due to the heavy bullet with a high ballistic ratio, energy is better stored on the bullet’s trajectory compared to standard 7.62 mm sniper cartridges or 9 mm silent cartridges when firing from a rifle BCC “Vintorez”.

However, such a large-caliber low-noise rifle is not unique. In the mid-1990s in the United States, J. D. Jones, a renowned specialist patron specialist who worked for SSK Industries, developed the .500 Whisper cartridge. The cartridges used a shortened sleeve from a hunting rifle cartridge .460 Weatherby Magnum in combination with a precision bullet of 12.7 mm caliber, which had excellent ballistics. The muzzle speed and bullet mass of .500 Whisper cartridges are comparable to those for 12.7 mm SC-130 cartridges, and they are used in specially upgraded magazine or even single-shot rifles (created on the basis of hunting), equipped with a silencer and optical sights. In addition to the Whisper series of ammunition in the United States, other ammunition and weapons of similar purpose and caliber are also limited.

TTH rifles VSSK “Exhaust”

Cartridge 12.7×97 mm SC-130
Caliber 12.7 mm
Length 1050 mm
Mass without muffler and optical sight 5 kg
Weight with a telescopic sight and silencer 7 kg
Initial bullet speed 290–295 m / s
Muzzle energy 2500 J
Store capacity 5 rounds
Sighting range 1000 m

The VSSHP sniper rifle built in the bullpup layout has an integrated silencer, which can be removed if necessary (transporting or cleaning the weapon). Shop rifle single row, for 5 rounds. The rifle is equipped with a folding front sight with complete and mountings for optical or night sights. On the plastic forearm, in front of it, there is a bipod folding bipod.


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