Leatherman Raptor: Tactical Medical Multitool

Company Leatherman can not be called innovators and supporters of experiments. Already for a period of 25 years, it’s not a problem. It is not for them.

No, you can remember a fresh experiment. Tread It was not a problem. The price tag turned out to be painfully horse. Therefore, to face Raptor it was somewhat unexpected.

Leatherman raptor

Raptor – it is too multitool, although a fairly narrow specialization. Namely – medical. More tactical-medical. That is, all the rules are followed. Leatherman – it is foldable, it has enough functions. And he kapets what reliable.

In essence Raptor – this is the development of the concept paramedic scissors. This is the main one. In the unfolded state of the medical scissors that the multitool accepts. It is not immediately visible. Of course, as soon as it becomes clear Leatherman, he immediately realized that they simply couldn’t make scissors. Otherwise it would not be them.

In the “kit” Leatherman raptor Needs to be done:

  1. Scissors for cutting clothing.
  2. Stroporez.
  3. Ring bite.
  4. Broken glass.
  5. Wrench for oxygen cylinder.
  6. 5 cm ruler

In short, the thing is very useful in the case of Accident. And you can grind the glass, and cut the belt. Well, the list goes on. Then the key is always at hand.

Like everything from Leatherman, be thorough and thorough. Let’s start with the fact that multitool made of steel 420NS. That is, it will be quite difficult to break it. It is clear that the toll on the pouch / unloading mode. That is, you can. Although I’m “lost” multitool only with the owner.

Now according to the possibilities. The most important thing is medical scissors. This is where the scissors are, scissors, all scissors are scissors. The “butt” of each blade is three millimeters. 420NS become. It is not a tangible cutting edge. Therefore, they cut it all. That’s all. I couldn’t be cut. Kevlar – cuts. And that in one, that in five layers. Nomex? Yes please. Thick skin? Do not care, cut. And really thick skin – gnaw, not really noticing. There is no turning out the fingers. Shoe? Yes, do not care, even kirzovoy boots with felt boots inside.

In principle, even the wire can be cut. They can’t cope with the steel cable multitools (although it will be necessary to try).

So scissors – a solid five, not only for ergonomics. (Unless a little practice) from the folded state. Pens here is a separate song. They are finished with a rough and non-slip finish, a gloved hand, a winter glove, and even a mitten. In addition, the manufacturer claims insulating properties, so that you can even cut the wiring under voltage.

As it was convenient, it remained so convenient. Immediately it is clear that Leatherman raptor There are no rules for creating a device.

The second item is strop cutter. There is no such a cord (except for those with steel cores). I of course 5.11 Operator Belt If I want to send it, I’m not trying to cut it. Ergonomically, everything is good too – to take advantage stroporezom, no need to fully disclose the whole multitool, just open it yourself strop cutter, it makes it impossible to remove it back. Unless it is impossible to sheathe.

Shortly speaking strop cutter it is in overall structure. This is a wickedness – optional indulgence.

Ring bite – I think it’s really useful. But it should be noted. Again, it is unlikely to be able to cope with a metal cord, then it will be no problem.

Broken glass. It’s all very simple – it’s just the right. cullet, without any design delights. Arranged large ring on the handle. However, despite the fact that it is sticking out and speaking, it is difficult to cling to him. And he more than fulfills his tasks.

Well, with wrench under an oxygen cylinder everything is clear. If there is a cylinder, then the key is needed. If not … Well, no, no. But if there is, then you can use.

A ruler on 5 cm, it is simple that was. Again, it’s possible to measure the diameter of the hematoma or the hematoma. But also big and short. So the line is a tribute to the tradition. Leatherman.

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Separately, it makes sense to say about wearing system. At the very multitool raptor Can be used for ordinary clothes. The clip is good. But the complete “sheath“It is something! It can be knitted. It can be knocked down. It just doesn’t knock it out.”

It can be safely used without revealing it.

General view of the ready-to-use tool 1.

General view in the folded state 2.

General view in the folded state 1.

General view of the castle. Back side.

Pliers for rings / wire. The key for the oxygen cylinder is also visible.

General view of the unfolded tool with an open cutter.

General view of the strop cutter, and the retainer on the unfolded tool.

In the opened states.

General view of the cutting part. The notch on the bottom is clearly visible. Well, the line ...

Cullet and hole for safety cord.

General view of the castle. Back side.

Sheath, general front view.

Sheath, general rear view. The direction is vertical and horizontal.

On the Torba-Mini bag from SarmaCustomMade

On body armor CIRAS

View common, ruffian 2.

What can be said about the Leatherman Raptor in the end …

Impression of multitool the most positive. Qualitatively assembled, correctly implemented. If you want to find the same nippers. It would be possible to work with metal cables. But we still haven’t been there. NAR Trauma Shears (with a sponge thickness of a millimeter) shred the coins.

Otherwise, Leatherman Raptor is a very successful and reasonable acquisition. But there is one problem with him …

This is the price in Russia. The website is 70 bucks, and we have a price on the order of 7.100 / 7.200 and higher. That is more than 110 dollars, which is already obvious bust. I’m trying to keep track of my money. Well, either order from the states. All the same, it will be cheaper and more adequate.

But if you’re looking for a price tag, it’s almost a unambiguous masthead.

P.S. On this device, there will definitely be a video review. I can’t say anything in time, but it will be accurate. Raptor it definitely deserves.



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