Lee bullets for small arms

There is such a fairy tale in the press that one bullet is enough to kill a person. In practice, the statistics of military conflicts, crime reports and police briefings suggest that one bullet is still not enough. One successful hit, which, by the way, during military operations is not so much, is not yet guaranteed to incapacitate a person full of adrenaline. Therefore, special ammunition was invented, containing so killer bullets that if hit, a person would not exactly rise. And we will tell you about some of them now.

Anti-personnel rifle explosive bullets

Specific examples: .303 PSA Mk I HE and PSA Mk II HE, 7.62x54R, 12.7 × 99 mm NATO

Inside the bullet, which can be used for firing as the most common, there is also a charge of gunpowder or other explosives, which detonate in a collision, turning the bullet into a pile of fragments, literally tearing the target’s body. The principle is the same as for some armor-piercing projectiles, only the human body, as a rule, does not tolerate this. International Convention tried to ban them. It turned out only partially, since such cartridges are now simply classified not as combat, but as sighting.

Fragmentation bullets

Case Studies: R.I.P from G2 Research

Or “radical expansive.” These are almost the same expansive bullets, except that the “petals” come off and set off on an independent journey through the organism of the target. Hence, several complex wound channels, large-scale lesions of internal organs. Death is guaranteed – too much damage done.


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