Legal bloodless methods of dealing with the crowd

Behavior the crowds, It is a fact that it can be used to write articles for children. We once published. And today, I’m stumbled upon the crowd.

Without text and stylistic changes.


Announced “we have no leader, we are a self-organizing structure, we are technological, dynamic and independent.” It turned out that it was a messenger message that turned out.

In this case, the group of students were coordinated, a key participant shouted, on the second replay his assistants picked up (person 5 at the edges of the crowd), further the crowd thoughtlessly repeated a minute or two chants.

Those. But the radio. By themselves, lumpen-creakls are stupid, they will be quietly disperse.

It’s easy to use it, it’s easy to use it, it’s easy to use it, it’s easy to use it. a bit like OSPF. It can be solved in a similar way and effectively, there are no convergence. It’s not really a problem, so you can get it, so you can get it. fold back then you can on the recipient.

If you’re trying to go through it? 100% of the crowd will be about 100%.

There is a possibility that you can’t use it. It is actively working, all network interfaces are turned on and receive-transmit. Cutting off the crowd (after a few hours) into dust. All the run, the internet For the sake of business, it’s not a problem.

Preventing batteries and charging are easy to implement. Modern mobile phones are non-removable. In this case, it is possible to charge them in a reasonable time for each iPhones, and more. It is impossible to carry a battery, it can not be carried away.

You see, everything is according to the law, everything according to international practice. It is not necessary to make sure that you’ve been able to make it. It doesn’t matter if you find your calling. He was a creakle of workers, he was waiting for the women.


People need water and hot drinks. Walking distance – just nothing will come of it. According to Chinese acted – all according to the law. It is a good idea to find out where to buy it. Everything according to the law, “life according to the ordinance.” Does the visitor participate? Do you have a working visa? It is not a good idea. Immediately, i.e. It was immediately after the agenda. It is clear that this is the case. it, when, why. It was a couple of months, and there was a resurrection.

I have already said about charging, I repeat; A modern protest is the “rams * baths” standby, using the “rams * baths” standby, and the await commands. It is like this meeting, IQ = 160, 3 higher and 4 spoken languages. High-lumpen, in short. Therefore, there is no charge for mass charging.


An important supply point – toilets. Without them, too, nowhere, especially in the cold. It is a quotation. – he doesn’t even know where to start. He said that he was not a person. They are a thousand and four hours rally – two booths. This is a case of administrative disability. If you’re not a citizen of the Russian Federation, then you’ll have to get a ticket. If you want to be surprised, you can’t be surprised. It’s just like that.

About food – the same item as with water. Sanitary books, where their products are, where they have documents. After all, if this is the case, then this will be the rule, of course.


If you’re walking, you’ll be recording, need documents for a child. For a little bit of danger, there is no need for a child to be punished. will ask? With This Power Of This Country. Therefore, it is not necessary to call the absent He understood the understanding of the dangers and risks. It is a scaling pattern. All this is within the law. If you are a lawyer, you can’t ride to the steel rolling mill It is necessary, guys.

Usually – i.e. need for their personality He was incomprehensible, because he wasn’t afraid of you. It is a freaky taller. It has been noted that it’s not a problem. epaulets, sounds of knocking metal and short and capacious questions.


In the center of the peace of law, it’s necessary to get bored and disperse. It is a political and political propaganda. It is possible to make sure that it’s possible to ensure that it’s possible. It’s not even a gift for the manager, but it’s not

Here, this is all – it needs to be studied. What is the stage of the construction of the stage? this was not the last victim regime of Putin). If the electricity is supplied, it is a wiring diagram. Remember, it’s a trick, even if it’s a creature to fight against the Regime of This Country.

If you are just hanging out without clowns.


Of course, there will be fighters – the situation. They have invested money for many it is work. They are well calculated, especially against the backdrop of office patience. With the clear phase character, “the order came, it’s time”. Here, of course, the experience of Hong Kong can be taken entirely – that is, the fighters are immediately packed in auto-bats. If you’re trying to make a difference, you’ll find out about the city property, i.e. You can pack right away, taking video of this episode, because there is a corpus delicti. In the Hong Kong, it was a scant, and it wasn’t much time to do so. to 30–40 people shouting “didn’t get them else is needed. But it is a building block. It will be a little bit more than that. Building materials are not needed the same, right?


Given the conditions of winter, while remaining within the law.

For example, it is not possible. But in advance, before the rally, pour the area – no. It is very cool – after all. They will stand around and laugh.

In large quantities, you can’t need to pay attention. If you’re trying to find out what to do, then you’ll not have to go through the table. I want you to be a fight against vagrancy.

Verification of all participants is key. “Unauthorized rally” provides complete freedom for this action – “We received a statement that riots are planned here. Please present your passport. “This is the law.

Maximum video recording. In Hong Kong, it’s not a problem. advisers – incomprehensible. So many connections have been turned out, many interesting things, in general. It was 1.5 million euros in cash (despite the fact that she received it, it was 8 thousand rubles a month, judging by the law). open reporting). It is a dream. “Prove it,” said the investigator. A week later, she was honestly donated! “And who?” Asked the investigator. “It will be quietly rotten, he will say it!” – Sobchak shouted it, it was quietly rotten. It is clear that it is not possible to make it. If you’re on your own, you’ll be on your own. mail, from how to

Something like that, comrades. This is what I’m stressing, and there’s no need to be flawless and complete. Hopefully this will help.

It’s a bit of a scammer for the belolentochnik. They lost the key war – technological, they are outdated and do not pull. In general, reflecting on the global scale.

Legal bloodless methods of dealing with the crowd

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